Monday, October 24, 2011

I Am Truly Blessed Beyond What I Deserve

As hard as I try to stay positive, I think I am always waiting for something to go wrong. I love when everything goes above and beyond my expectations reminds me to have more faith in the world. This weekend was just about as close to perfect as we can get. Darling Daughter's first hockey game was a winner not only because her team whooped up on the other but because her entourage was extensive and full of team spirit. We all hollered for our girl and her team and made complete sillies out of ourselves. It was GREATNESS!

When we were leaving to head to her celebratory lunch, I asked DarbyGirl if she wanted to call Memaw and Papa to let them know she won. After she left them a voicemail and handed me my phone back, I said with the same enthusiasm, "Now let's call Aunt Gayla!" It's moments like those that rip the air right out of you (and make me wonder how young early Alzheimer's usually kicks in). Ever the wise child, Darby comforted me and said, "She already knows." That girl saves me every time from myself. I love her, love her, love her. We sent pics to her Uncle Bubba and Aunt Dana. You could tell DarbyGirl loved being everyone's winner by her giant smile and chit-chatty demeanor.

We spent the rest of the day DIY-ing for Sosie's wedding. It was so comforting and gave me great peace in my heart to have the Little Rascals and their little-uns at our house playing, laughing and just being together. It's when our house is full of friends and family that it really feels like home. We are blessed beyond measure.

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