Monday, October 10, 2011

Listography: What is your Prison?


I am trying to get back on track since being ill. This week's listography is short and inspired by this picture I found on Tumblr. I live in fear...always have. It truly is a prison because it keeps me from doing anything outside of my comfort zone. Here are the 10 things I have feared throughout my life.

What is Your Prison?
10. Roller coasters (conquered in my 20s thanks to my sister-in-law)
  9. Heights (I continue to struggle but torment myself continually ie. Empire State Building and Statue of Liberty Crown--thanks go to my brother James)
  8. Inner Tube Riding behind a boat (conquered at 19 thanks to wanting to impress my now husband, then boyfriend)
  7. Guns (conquered in my 20s but still don't like them)
  6. Speeding Cars/Traffic
  5. Spiders (don't think I am missing out on anything here)
  4. Snakes (or here either)
  3. Ice Skating (I can do it but am a complete nervous wreck the entire time)
  2. Public Speaking (conquered when I became a teacher)
  1. Dieing (maybe they all can be summed up in this one; don't judge...even people who believe in heaven are afraid of dieing.)

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