Friday, October 7, 2011

No Family Night When The Mama is Ill...

I was captured by this photo...

You know how we know the Mama is sick? She stays in her room, hiding under the covers. The woman who hates being alone suddenly doesn't want anyone around her germies. She doesn't eat or want to eat. She sleeps, which is not her style. She looks at the dishes piling up in the kitchen sink, shrugs and goes back to bed without so much as a pitiful, "Sure wish someone would clean my kitchen for me." When we do persuade her to join us for dinner, she stays wrapped in her blanket telling us all to stand back and she sends us "air hugs" and "virtual kisses."

I forced myself to come to work today in hopes of going home for my brother and nephew's birthdays this weekend. However, I may have over done it. Have a good weekend. I'll probably be hiding under those covers some more.

Big shout outs to Eric and Jeremy who have birthdays today and to Bubba and James III who will be having their birthdays tomorrow. I am sorry this bug is kicking my tail!

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