Thursday, October 13, 2011

Thursdays are Happiness Reports
October--Having More Energy by Sleeping and Hydrating

My therapist loaned me a book
titled The Worry Cure.
1. Accept the present situation
and uncertainty.
2. Commit to taking action where
action is needed.
3. Live for NOW not a future
that is unknown.
I don't know if it's that I am suffering with the nothing-tastes-right-because-I'm-congested thingy or if, after a week of drinking nothing but water, I just don't care for the taste of my soda I broke down and bought. Either way, staying hydrated this week has been a must with all the cold meds I have been consuming. Also, sleeping 8 hours each night was a breeze with the cough medicine the doc gave me. I am feeling more energetic and have been able to stay busy each evening after work instead of crashing on the sofa and being a lump. I have been cooking dinners, making "I love you" pressies for Darby, and trying to get the house in order.

This next week will be a kicker days of working out. I have my choice of the recreation centers, videos at home or walking around the neighborhood (so glad the heat wave of 2011 is over!). Wish me luck!

Thank you for continuing to support this little bit of crazy each day! Visit my blog each Thursday to see how My Happiness Project is going! Here's the plan by month so far:
  • August--being organized
  • September--eating healthier
  • October--having energy
  • November--being thankful
  • December--focusing on family and friends
  • January--focusing on marriage
  • February--focusing on parenting
  • March--being creative
  • April--being helpful
  • May--working smarter
  • June--being adventurous
  • July--loving Jaimee

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  1. Having energy is a great goal to have, and water is one way to do it. I go up and down with my water intake, but when I make sure I have a water bottle with my constantly (and I DRINK it), I feel great. I hope you feel 100% soon!