Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Try Something New Tuesday--Insane Sideline Mom (Glittery Sign and All!)

Yep, I have found my calling on the Insane Train! I am "that" mom when it comes to supporting my kiddo. Coach asked Chad and me before the first hockey game what kind of cheering parents are we. We told him to watch us and let us know after the game. Turns out, we are the loud kind that are totally excited to see a year of skate school and private lessons paying off as our Darling Daughter zooms out onto the ice to steel the puck away from the opposing team. We are the kind that invite our friends and family and fill up half of the team's stands with just our gang. We are the kind that make signs, yell loud and stomp our feet when the team scores. We are the parents who high-five and go-team each other for never giving up and always finding a way to make this dream of hers come true. Yessireebob! We are the best kind of sideline crazy parents tsk-tsking at the rents who are bumps on the bench, or worse...critical of the coach, team or player when they oopsie. Go Flyers! Hoorah Darby! Everybody plays and everybody has a great time! That's what matters!

The list isn't growing but is shrinking! Got anything you suggest I try?

· pomegranates
· making jam
· Russian cuisine
· New Boston Pioneer Days
· business travel all in one day
· Be an insane sideline mom with glittery sign and all
· kayaking
· 5k training to eventually RUN a 5k
· mud bath
· banya (not just food; they have a spa too)
· Zumba
· Ballroom dancing class
· Watch a Bollywood movie at a Bollywood theater
· Quilting
· Take Darby to see a Midnight show of Rocky Horror
· Participate in a flash mob
· Boot Camp
· Art Class
· Dance on a Bar
· Puerto Rican food
· Meditate at a Buddhist temple
· Volunteer at a homeless shelter (Well, I am at least waiting to hear if I get to do this! All the training and paperwork are completed.)
· be a tourist in my own town
· snow ski
· order and eat hash browns "all the way" at Waffle House
· Make a Funny Face Book

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  1. We really are sisters...I have several of the same ones on my list...
    5k, Zumba, flash mob, boot camp (but I am scared of this...but want to try it), and Meditate at a Buddhist temple...I have the chants down and the beads...but would be cool to do it there.