Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Being a Woman of my Word

My beautiful and giving sister Gayla was the best example a giver of time and money to charities. Also, when a friend needed, she gave all she could. When a job needed to be done for another, she signed up, tied on her apron and worked for the better of this world. It is still a heartbreak to keep moving forward now that Sister is gone. However, it is with her charitable heart that I am able to finally be a woman on my word.

When I first came to DFW, this small-town gal had had only had a handful of radio stations in which to listen in Texarkana. When I discovered Kidd Kraddick and his band of morning enthusiasts, I felt like I found friends to wake up with each morning. I have laughed with them and cried. They are the friends I have never met personally. When the Kidd Kraddick Morning Show became syndicated, it was a thrill to know that my hometown friends and family would get to experience these wonderful people's talent as well.

Me and Gayla in 2010

Over the years, Kidd's charity, Kidd's Kids has sent many a chronic or terminally ill child and his/her family to Disney World. Until now, I have only been able to give donations of about $20 each year to this worthy cause. However, in my heart and mind, I always promised myself that should I ever be able, I would give more. It is because of my sister's tragic death that I am able to keep my promise to myself.

Please join me today, Kidd's Kids Day (the only day of the year that the morning show campaigns for donations), and give what you can. Give for the children you are so blessed to have who are healthy. Give for the children in this world who aren't. Give for the people like Gayla who gave just because it is on their hearts to do so. Any size donation is fabulous! Give and then enjoy the rush of your heart instantly quadrupling in size.

Much Love,

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Sept. 13--Positive Thinking Day

I have tried to always be a positive thinker. I used to be the first person to say, "There's a reason for this. You'll see." I thought that was a positive outlook, always seeking the silver lining. Then a nut-bag of an ex-BOYfriend told me that I was a fatalist because of this outlook. So which is it? Am I forever looking for the silver lining or just resigned to having no control? Whatever the outcome, I'll keep looking for the positive each day, especially today.

By the way...silver lining explanation. When dark or darker clouds block the sun, a bright outline appears around the cloud. I see this as even in the dark times, there is always a sun just waiting to brighten the day. Be blessed!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Sept. 12--Chocolate Milk-shake Day

In honor of today being Chocolate Milkshake Day, I have a joke for you that only a select few will give a chuckle.

There are two penguins on an iceberg. 
The iceberg breaks apart sending one penguin one way and the other penguin in the opposite direction. 
The first penguin screams, "Bye, my love! I will miss you and love you forever!!!"
The second penguin yells back, "CHOCOLATE MILK!"

If you aren't laughing, I won't hold it against you. Just know that for those in my life that have a hard time saying, "I Love You," I always know what they mean when they say, "CHOCOLATE MILK!"

NOTE: Send all your prayers for my beloved Daddy who is having back surgery today. I am a nervous wreck and can't focus for squat!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Sept. 11--Hero Day, Patriot Day, Rememberance Day

I love being back in the school system teaching once again. I especially love that my school has deemed today Hero Day. Students and faculty were encouraged to dress up as their hero with the understanding that superheroes were not included in the activity. I won't dress up as my hero because I have too many to pick just one. 

First, myGayla was my life-long hero. From the time I was old enough to say GA-LA and toddle after my older sister imitating everything she did, she was my hero. I spent 36 years following in her footsteps and listening to her wise words whenever I would fall down and she would pick me back up. If I had to pick one lesson that she taught me over any other, it would be to love myself and see myself they way she did. Each day living without my sister is a lesson in getting back up when life knocks you down. Some days I bounce back pretty quickly. Most days, I just have to internally yell at myself to get up and get moving because Gayla expects it of me.

The next heroes on my list are Hubby Dearest and Darling Daughter. Bless their hearts. On those days where I am stuck at neither bouncing up nor moving forward, they are there with hugs, compassion, and loving words of encouragement. HD has held me while I scream in agony, held my hand when I had to be brave despite my fear and anxiety, and held my heart protectively close to his own. DD has reminded me to be kind to myself and told me in no uncertain terms that she is "happy you are part of our lives because you know Daddy and I would never make it anywhere on time without you."

MeMaw and PapaJames are next on this long list of heroes. They are my parents and, in my eyes, have always been the infallible, just, and compassionate hearts that have made me who I am today. They taught me how to love my fellow man and instilled in my heart a desire to "save the world." Because of their love for one another and their love for our family (both blood kin and those of our choosing), I am able to give my whole heart to those I love and fight the good fight for what I believe.

This blog post could go on and on with all the heroes with whom I have been blessed. Little Rascals, you've picked up the broken parts of me and helped in putting them back together. You've brought me uncontrollable laughter at some pretty inappropriate times. Your unconditional love and support have made all the difference in my life. 

Finally, to my former and current students, you give me a purpose each day. To my fans, you read my tra-la-la and my boo-hoo-hoo, and you still continue to follow this little bit of crazy each day. I thank you all and send you my most heartfelt hugs today. You are my heroes!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Sept. 10--TV Dinner Day

There really is a day for everything! Besides being Sewing Machine Day, today is TV Dinner Day! Swanson brought us the first frozen meal way back when it was served in a metal sectioned tin pan that was warmed in the oven. Now we nuke most TV Dinners in the microwave, with a few companies making some that are still cooked in the oven. For a full history, check out Wikipedia (don't judge...I was in a hurry).

I am not ashamed to tell the world, I feed my family frozen dinners! I would rather spend what little time we have together in the evening crafting with darling daughter, crocheting while we watch television TOGETHER, and being a family. Plus, we have a few standards like lasagna and enchiladas that everyone can agree upon, something that is sometimes difficult with picky eaters. I do have dreams of cooking big on weekends and freezing but that still hasn't come to be a reality even after my extensive research and hours of cooking show know-how.

What shortcuts do you take to give yourself more time with your kin and kindred?

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Sept. 9--Teddy Bear Day

I don't remember having a teddy bear as a child. I do have a recollection of my Bubba having a Pooh Bear that was toted everywhere until the fateful day that Pooh took a dive out of an open car window and was run over by the back tires. You would think the little man would cry, demand Pooh have a bath in the washing machine, and then go on with his three-year-old life as if no harm had come to the little bear. My memory is that we had to have a funeral for the toy bear, prayers and all. I think we may have buried him too but that part is fuzzy. I'll have to ask Packer if there is an old, beat-up Pooh bear in the Nephews' (Thing1 and Thing2) inherited toy collection.

Nevertheless, today is Teddy Bear Day! In 1902, US President Teddy Roosevelt's refusal to shoot a bear that had been caught and tied to a tree by his shooting party, stating they had been less than sportsman-like in their pursuit, garnered some attention from the media. Morris Michtom of the Ideal Novelty and Toy Co. also paid homage to the President's act of humanity and created a toy bear cub. He called it Teddy's Bear. That's how we come to call our stuffed friends Teddy Bears. Who feels like they learned something? I DO! I DO!

Check out this amigurumi teddy I crocheted for Thing2! I have no pattern because I wasn't using one. I just kept crocheting in the round until I had the trunk of the bear. Then I made two arms and two legs. I stuffed the little guy with a corrugated yarn that I would never have used for anything because that stuff is ridiculously difficult to work with. It's not pretty, but I like did Thing2.

Friday, August 31, 2012

There's A Day for Everything!

One might say I am quirky (most call me weird). However, in my book, it is perfectly okay to embrace each day as if it is special. In fact, I am going out in search of the special in each day. If you know of one I haven't found, please do share.

myMike and Me
September (National Honey Month)
  First Monday--Labor Day
  First Sunday after Labor Day--Grandparent's Day
  1--Calendar Adjustment Day
  2--V-J Day
  3--Skyscraper Day and MyMike's birthday!
  4--Newspaper Carrier Day (so please take a day off guy who throws a paper at my lawn every other day)
  5--Be Late for Something Day (bahahaha!)
  6--Don't Procrastinate Day
  7--Salami Day
  8--International Literacy Day
  9--Teddy Bear Day
Me and Darling Daughter
10--Sewing Machine Day and TV Dinner Day
11--Remembrance Day aka Patriot Day
12--Chocolate Milkshake Day
13--Positive Thinking Day and Peanut Day
14--Stand Up to Cancer Day
15--Greenpeace Day
16--Step Family Day and Play-Dough Day
17--Constitution Day
18--National Cheeseburger Day
19--Talk Like A Pirate Day
ARRRGyle the Sock Pirate
20--In honor of this being self-improvement month, do something for yourself!
21--International Peace Day and Packer's Birthday!
22--First Day of Autumn, Elephant Appreciation Day, and Mike and Jeremy Get Married!
23--Presidential Dog Day
24--National Punctuation Day
25--Mary Poppins Day and Comic Book Day and One Hit Wonder Day
26--Johnny Appleseed Day (sing along! "oh the Lord's been good to me, and so I thank the Lord, for giving me the things I need like the sun and the rain and the apple seed")
27--Tourism Day
Fourth Friday--Native Indian/American Day
Packer and Thing 1 in 2009
28--First Born Nephew Day (yeah! I made this one up but it's real to me! Love you Thing 1!)
29--Heck yeah! COFFEE DAY y'all
30--In honor of September being Better Breakfast month, take your spouse to breakfast today.

Please share if you know of a special day in September that I need to include!

Friday, August 24, 2012

August 24--Have A Peach Waffle and Listen to Some Crazy Beats...Then Call This Day Celebrated

Holy all things in a much has been going on that I haven't had a chance to pause long enough to update the blog! Last week, I became a teacher again! After waiting till day before yesterday for the FBI to give me the go-for-it, I hit the ground running at the speed of light since the first day of school is this coming Monday. I am thrilled to be heading back into my heart career. I am so unprepared at this point that I am running on pure "this has to get done" juice.

It's Friday! Since everyday is a celebration, it's perfect to combine the greatness of today and say, "Have a waffle slathered in peaches while listening to some crazy music and call today CELEBRATED!"


Monday, August 20, 2012

Happy Birthday, Sister...You will always be loved.

Gayla Leeanne, born of James and Brenda on August 21, 1972. She was a perfect little guinea pig first child. She taught us all how to love unconditionally and give whole heartedly. Sister was taken way too early from our family on March 19, 2011. Thirty-eight years, six months and 26 days will never be enough time to to explain what she meant to not only us but to every life she touched.

I thank my parents for giving Bubba and I the perfect big sister. She embraced us for our little weirdnesses and loved us anyway. Gayla was the perfect aunt for my darling daughter. She loved her as if she were of our blood and bone. Sister went out of her way to support our little family and be a part of all the little milestones.

Say a little prayer on August 21 and have a toast, some birthday cake, and embrace the day for the beautiful woman who God made for us to love forever.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

1 PART REPOST/1 PART UPDATE: August 16--Happy Roller Coaster Day

Happy Roller Coaster Day! A little more than a year ago, I shared a story of my fear of roller coasters. A little more than two weeks ago, I was riding that first booger, Space Mountain, once again. That's me with the big screaming mouth!  Today is the anniversary of these little bits of crazy.

Repost from May 20, 2011:

Remember the blog on FEAR? Well, Space Mountain is another time I let my Gayla drag me into something kicking and screaming. When we were 13 and 15, respectively, Mama and Daddy took us to Disney World. Sister had one goal...Space Mountain! Being a chicken in every respect, I so did NOT want to ride a roller coaster.

I made Gayla promise the ride would not go upside down. She promised! Then she and I stood in line for an hour and a half. All the while, Gayla was beaming with excitement and I was listening to the screams of terror emitted from the pitch dark right above our heads.

Finally! It was our turn. I thought I might throw up as Gayla skipped to the little car where she claimed the front seat. I sat directly behind her, wrapped my arms around her real tight, and buried my head. Then, for the next 60 seconds, I screamed like a banshee right in sister's ear as we were zipped around in all directions in complete darkness.

At the end of the ride, when the lights go red as your ship is "landing," I think I hollered, "Oh, God! We're dead! We're in hell!" Gayla whipped around, glared at me with venom, and screamed at me, "You ruined it!" I felt horrible and tried to apologize. However, she would have none of it. To make it up to her, one of our parents stayed with her to stand in line and ride it without me while the other took me and Bubba to the Tea Cups.

I found a video of the ride with the lights on and have included the link so you can see how lame it looks with the lights on. Plus, I swear we were going faster than the video shows. Goes to show you, everything is scarier in the dark.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

August 15--NOT Best Friends Day; Happy Relaxation Day, Yo!

My beloved sister Gayla with two of our besties, M & J.
If you've been following this blog for the last few days, then you know that today is BEST FRIENDS DAY! I think this is everyday but who am I to snub a celebration of the ones you love! Well, I might have been mistaken, which is only made worse by the fact that I cannot recreate my error in where I found my info. In addition to Google, Yahoo, and Fun Holidays, Holiday Insights says this day is June 8. I am still going to a tasting with my best friends today for their wedding and commitment ceremony. So booyah!

Bestie Sosie with me in NOLA.
Today IS National Relaxation Day. Oh, what to do, what to do! I don't know if I'll have time to book a massage, my favorite form of relaxation. However, I might be able to persuade the Hubby Dearest to give me a foot massage. Have I mentioned that I am SPOILED well loved?!

How do you relax?

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

August 14--International Nagging Day

There's not a person alive who hasn't doggedly tried to influence another person to act as they would wish. Wives, know mothers take a class in nagging. It's secretly given in home-ec and Lamaze classes when no one is paying attention. I know I will have to give my woman card up after revealing that little fact. Since I didn't learn to be a real pain in the petooty in either way, and my mother is nowhere near the nag that I am, I am not sure where I learned this little tool of persuasion (or dissuasion depending on with whom you are dealing).

Perfect example: I have spent the better part of this summer "persuading" ad nasuem our Darling Daughter to assist with keeping our home tidy. At times, my kind reminding has brought about frustrated, teeth gritting, animalistic sounds from the girl child, which push that button in me that take me from kind reminder to full on head wiggling and phrases such as, "I KNOW YOU DID NOT JUST GROWL AT ME, LITTLE GIRL!"
To that end, Hubby Dearest swoops in and tries to make peace. This makes me even more mad because it feels like a gang up on the Mama moment. What do I do? I give up. Now HD is doing the friendly reminding. EVERY. SINGLE. DANG. DAY. Now HE is the nag and the girly doesn't growl at him...SHE JUST IGNORES HIS REQUESTS as if he never asked her to do a thing. With a little more volume and a lot less head wiggling, HD now understands my frustrations.
I'll definitely lose my privileges in the woman club for this, but here's the 4-1-1...NAGGING DOES NOT WORK! Do you want to know why it is ineffective? Nagging makes your target feel picked-on, put-down, defensive, resentful, and disrespected. No one would be gracious or persuaded if this is how they were made to feel.
We tried a different tact last night. Both HD and I expressed how DD's lack of response makes us FEEL. I told her I felt like she had no respect for us or our home when our requests where ignored. I explained that it upset me because she wants us to give, give, give, and she wants to take, take, take, and eventually the coffers are depleted and there is no more to give. Her father agreed that that is how he felt as well.
Sticking with why we wanted her to assist with the house, we explained that we NEED her help because after long days at work, we just couldn't find the time to do chores, cook dinner, and have any kind of free time like going ice skating, something that she enjoys. We tried desperately to curb our "lecture" response and most importantly, the entire time we were talking, both HD and I were tidying up (loading dishes in the dishwasher, making dinner, etc.), teaching by example.
Furthermore, we gave a lot of time for DD to respond with how she was feeling. This is vital, naggers....FIND OUT WHY YOU ARE BEING IGNORED! Of course, DD's response to the question of WHY she was ignoring us was, "I just don't want to do chores...I like being lazy." This is where great self-control comes in because you CANNOT just react to that statement. Best advice, just stare at her like she said the dirtiest dirty word in the books. Eventually she continues to state, "That's not a good answer." DUH!
It's International Nagging Day. Will you treat this as an AWARENESS day where you try to curb your need to nag? Or do you have intentions to go on a full-scale, all-out nag-a-thon today? How do you operate? Share, share, share.

Friday, August 10, 2012

There's a Day for Everything!

One might say I am quirky (most call me weird). However, in my book, it is perfectly okay to embrace each day as if it is special. In fact, I am going out in search of the special in each day. If you know of one I haven't found, please do share.

August (National Napping Month)

Gal Pals Celebrating the Day

  1--National Girlfriends Day
  2--National Ice Cream Sandwich Day
  3--National Watermelon Day
  4--National Chocolate Chip Day
  5--National Mustard Day AND National Waffle Day (separate...not together...ewww)
  First Sunday in August--Sister's Day (See what I have to say...)
  9--National Book Lovers Day
10--S'Mores Day
11--Play in the Sand Day
12--Middle Children's Day
13--International Left-Hander's Day
14--International Nagging Day (to name one of many specialities of the day)
15--Best Friends Day UPDATE JUNE 8; National Relaxation Day
16--Roller Coaster Day
18--Bad Poetry Day
19--National Aviation Day
20--National Radio Day
Peaches for the Pie
THIRD SATURDAY--National Homeless Animals Day
21--My Sister Gayla's Birthday
22--Be An Angel Day
23--National Sponge Cake Day
24--National Waffle Day (There's a debate...this could be August 5), National Peach Pie Day, and Strange Music Day
25--Kiss and Make Up Day, National Banana Split Day
26--National Dog Day

What will you do to celebrate each day?

Thursday, August 9, 2012

National Book Lovers Day

Somewhere around the time I fell in love with books and reading, our elementary school's library, which was a metal portable building, also found itself the home of a birthing mother skunk. Chalk it up to books holding the strong stench in their pages for years, but the library was never the same. Nevertheless, I still fell head over heels in love with reading. Even today, whenever we are driving around the country and a skunk is nearby, I think of that library of yesteryear and reading.

Okay, some might say I have forsaken my books of paper pages and leather binding for my kindle and iPad. However, I say that I have simply solved my issue of trying to carry all my interests around in one bag. I still mosey through the book store in search of that perfect combination of hardback and strong story line. I am always in search of my "classics" in real books to have and to hold forever, amen. However, eReaders make partaking of certain trashy novels (you know which ones) a little more convenient by not shouting to the world, "YES! I READ SMUTTY TRASH TOO!" Oh wait...I guess I just did. Oh well!

I love the book store experience. I also adore getting a whim to read and being able to download my desired object of affection within a minute without leaving the comfort of my bed or my pjs. I am enthralled by reading, escaping to the next adventure while waiting to switch out the laundry.

Where do you stand? Are you a reader? Books/EReaders? Fiction/Non-fiction? What was your first book?

NOTE: My mama says The Pokey Little Puppy was my favorite as a child. I remember the first chapter book I ever read from cover to cover was a biography of Helen Keller. My favorite book of all time is To Kill a Mockingbird. I am currently reading Abraham Lincoln Vampire Slayer, Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, and The Lucky One.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

I Belong to You...You Belong to Me

In the 60s and 70s the joke was that you had to sit and suffer through your friends' slide shows or home movies of their vacation. Today's rendering is being bombarded with their status updates on Facebook showing the oh-so-wonderful time they are having. Yep! I am one of those braggers.

It is with great joy in my heart that I put together this love-filled video of our LA vacation. Hubby Dearest, Darling Daughter and Friend Dew are my heart, my joy, and my laughter. I hope they take this time together forward in their lives and remember always that J-Me Mama loves every minute we spend together. I belong to them and they belong to me...for infinity.

NOTE: If it looks like we have some old pics in there, we do. The girls were eating cotton candy while we waited in line for the Haunted Mansion. I snapped their antics and then remembered I had similar photos from when they were in elementary school. I included them to show how these gals are becoming beautiful young women who have the same hearts for fun as when they were my little bits.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012


After thirty-some-odd years of dreaming and wishing and hoping, guess who is finally traveling past the western Texas border! That's right! This gal! Luckily there has been much to do so time is zipping past! I am finally heading to Cali! On the list for the weekend...Disney Land and Disney Adventure Park, Universal Studios, seeing the Ocean, and the TMZ tour. Since we're going in the summer, my other dream of meeting Ellen DeGeneres will have to wait until the NEXT trip to LA-LA land. I'll keep my eyes peeled though...yes sir-eee! Where do you plan to visit someday as part of your bucket list?

Monday, July 30, 2012

Survivor's Guilt...

Gayla and the Gang at Dave Matthews Summer 2010
I spent an amazingly fun and love-filled day with my "Gang" Saturday. We had a cake tasting for the up-coming wedding, we drove all over creation looking for linen suits for the grooms, and we laughed to the point of tears on several occasions (Think Sling Blade sings Call Me Maybe and One Direction). It was the perfect day. So I chastise myself for spending the entire trip home feeling like my friends would prefer that Gayla were there instead of me.

It makes no sense if you break it down. My sister Gayla and I shared our beloved friends so much so that our family just thinks of them all as our brothers and sisters of the heart. There has been much said about how the family we choose is just as important as the family to which we are born. So why do I question my placement in this family? Why do I berate myself with the taunts of, "They wish it had been you"? Why does part of me believe the taunt while the other part of me yells, "THEY WISH IT HAD JUST NOT HAPPENED, YOU GOOB!"

I spent much of Sunday reading about grief and survivor guilt to try to make my whole self understand. Not that all apply to this particular situation and feeling I am having, but here are some of the most profound thoughts to stick with me:

  • This Psychology Today article states, "Even though bereaved people share much common ground, every bereaved person is different, experiencing each death uniquely, grieving uniquely, struggling uniquely, coping uniquely, adjusting uniquely, and healing uniquely."
  • Dr. Phyllis Silverman wrote, "We no longer think of grief as following a formula such as suggested by Kubler—Ross (On Death and Dying). I agree that grief doesn’t express itself in a step by step manner but it does unfold. It may look different for each of us depending on who died, our own experience with grief, and where we are in our own life cycle. ... we need to recognize that grieving is a complicated part of living that changes us and from which we do not 'recover' as from an illness."
  • Kathleen Nader writes about survivor guilt following a tragedy and states when "good people die, survivors may reexamine their own goodness."
I think that last one hits the nail on the head. Gayla was everything good in a friendship. She was giving of her time, her patience, her understanding, and her heart. Sister was that friend who would be standing right by your side in all situations even if you weren't aware of it. Gayla put her friends first. She was fun at all times, always being ready for adventure. Gayla wanted what was best for you, and she went out of her way to make it possible if it were within her control. She was better at being a friend than I am so I guess my feelings of inadequacy are the culprit. Enemy number two is that I have no idea how to change this or how to emulate my beloved sister's ability in this arena.

Share with me how you are a friend. Teach me your secrets for being "good".

P.S. Sosie, no worrying about me or lecturing me. I know this is only in my perception and not reality. I love you.

Friday, July 27, 2012

UPDATED: Weight Watchers After Week Two...Perspective

This week was not as a successful as last. However, I did manage to lose one pound for a total of 7.4 in two weeks. I had only two sodas, which is better, and I tracked everything I ate, which is best. However, I only walked twice and didn't make it to yoga at all. I have given serious consideration to the personal training idea and am leaning more that way than I was last week. I am also looking into Lifetime Fitness because then I could have yoga every evening and Zumba too. Since it would be silly to tack on another goal when I didn't even achieve last week's, I am sticking with adding more activity this week.


Perspectives I reached this week:
  • These photos don't show squat but my clothes are getting bigger so I must be getting smaller.
  • To drink a 20 oz. soda, I would need to walk for an hour (6 POINTS).
  • Because I wanted to eat fast food this week, I did a little research:

Almost an Entire Day's Food Allowance--PERSPECTIVE
Almost 7 hours of walking at a slow pace--PERSPECTIVE
Almost 5 hours of aerobics, jazzercise--PERSPECTIVE
A little less than 2 hours of Zumba--PERSPECTIVE
Almost 5 hours of hiking--PERSPECTIVE
Almost 7 hours of yoga--PERSPECTIVE

Thank goodness, I opted for the Spicy Chicken Caesar Salad from Wendy's--12 POINTS.

UPDATE: I may need to find a different WW meeting each week. I felt a little judged during today's discussion on SALADS. Rather than making the stink face because I enjoy the 12 point Wendy's salad or the 10 point McDonald's salad, let's give me a high five for not consuming a Baconator, Fries and a Cola (40 points) or Chicken Strips with gravy (92 points). THAT'S SOME FREAKING PERSPECTIVE, JUDGY HATERS! Gosh!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012



Let's see, one of my favorite movies is Cutting Edge and another is Miracle and yet another is Cool Runnings. Are you sensing a theme? I typically root for the underdog, but, when given the opportunity, I go absolutely nutso for the STARS AND STRIPES, RED, WHITE, AND BLUE, UNCLE SAM, APPLE PIE, the whole nine yards (yes, I realize that only two of those movies are about team USA...did you see the part about under dog and you're just wrong if the late John Candy doesn't make you giggle).

Local Girly...Giving Her MUCH LOVE!

Much to my family's aggravation, this means I DVR Olympic events as if I am the sole source for documenting history. Too much hyperbole? Yeah, but you get my drift. I may shake my head in disgust and wonderment at the United States government at times and stamp my foot at the silliness that political machination brings out in everyone. However, when it comes to being a "team player" during the Olympics, I am all about American pride.

Growing up, Sister and I were all about the gymnastics. We both sported the Mary Lou Hair-Do...don't judge...we were CUTE as socks on a chicken. The grace and agility were talents we both coveted. My tastes have expanded with age. Volleyball, swimming, gymnastics...I get a wee bit bored by track but am in awe of the speed events. I was looking for movies to get me in the mood for some national pride...I think I shall try to watch them all. For whom are you rooting? Shout out your national pride below!

Olympic Themed Movies (Google "Movies about the Olympics")
  • Chariots of Fire
  • One Day in September
  • Munich
  • Miracle
  • Cool Runnings
  • Prefontaine
  • Without Limits
  • Cutting Edge
  • International Velvet
  • Personal Best

Friday, July 20, 2012

Making Sense of Senselessness...

"The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full." John 10:10

I wish I could remember what I was watching or reading when this profound nugget of wisdom entered my life. The man was saying that the only sin was stealing. If you murder someone, then you steal their life. If you lie to someone, then you steal their opportunity to know the truth. etc. etc. It broke my heart this morning when I heard about the thief that stole the lives and safety of the movie-goers in Aurora, Colorado. He stole their peace of mind and security in the simple summer pleasure of attending a movie without coming to harm. He stole this from the rest of us as well. My heart is full of sorrow, and I send up my prayers that God may deliver peace to the families and friends of those lost, injured, and forever shocked. We will likely never know the "why" but can focus our energy on those in need of our prayers.

Weight Watchers After 1 Week

UPDATE: If you want to keep track of what you eat and the activity in which you participate, then check out the LOSE IT app for smart phones. It's almost identical to the WW app.

My goals last week were to make sure I recorded everything I ate and to cut out sodas. I succeeded at the first plan but fell down a couple of times on the no soda (wasted six points a glass x 3). I'm proud to report week one was a losing week! I just weighed in and lost 6.4 pounds. This week I'm "Making my Move" and going to implement this week's lesson. Let's see 9 ways to get what you like, pace yourself, set goals, ditch the all or nothing 'tude, don't go it alone, bring in a pro (?), make it easy (??), do different things, and keep track. Wish me luck!

Thursday, July 19, 2012


Maybe it was because I grew up in the south. Maybe it was because myMama grew up in the south in the 60s. Maybe it is because some of us have better sense than what God gave a billy goat. Nevertheless, there are certain words and phrases that myMama FORBADE us from EVER saying no matter how old we got (you know what they are and I sure ain't repeating them!).

As I was entering adulthood in the early 90s, we added one to the list--"YOU PEOPLE". After old Ross Perot dropped that booger on the NAACP, it became universally known that this particular turn of phrase was prohibited as well. It implied a certain racial divide that bordered on flat out insult. I think it also screams, "I AM ABOVE YOU PEOPLE" and "My excrement smells of roses and sunshine." You would think that after that hub-bub in 1992 that political advisers would spend at least a week making potential public faces of your campaign memorize and avoid ever using these phrases. Guess Annie girl just skipped class that week.

When I read about Ann Romney dropping the "you people" bomb today, I thought, "Holy moly! Did she just say that!?! Maybe she was referring to the barrage of media hounding her as in, 'You people who make me miserable with all your bantering and questioning my family's immense resources.'" That's probably more like it...then I watched the video. Is she flustered? Was the talking over the interviewer and vice versa just too much and she flubbed? Is she really just that out of touch with Americans that she just let it slip what she really thinks of us? It is kinda humorous the things that the media choose to harp on each day. It's also pretty sad. What do you think?

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

J-Me and DD: Up All Night Concert Tour DVD Review

Well, this is what I get for being puny and sending the Girl Child to the store with Grandma and LaLa. They come home with the DVD concert tour for One! I do have to say this wonderful girl child of mine did turn me on to being a Beiber fan so I may like these little buggers too.

Poor Darling Daughter is so in crazy One Direction love that she tried everything and blew up a ton of minutes trying to win tickets when they were in Dallas a few weeks ago. Part of me felt badly for her and the larger portion was relieved she couldn't
get tickets so I didn't have to stress about her going to Fair park ... scary.

About five minutes into the DVD tonight, I realized Grandma did me a solid. Girl child gets to experience the concert, and we don't have to fight traffic, screaming teeny boppers nor $7.50 sodas. DD did tell me she could start screaming if it made me feel more like we were at a concert. Pass!

Just to prove we were cool like that. I insisted we give ourselves facials while watching. Come on...everyone needs beautiful skin to go along with their concert experience.

My review: Cute kids...solid talent...could have done without the nakey behind the scene shots. OOGY! I have to say it was super duper nice to sit next to a smiling and singing darling daughter for a couple of hours.

Darling Daughter's Review: On a scale of one to ten, INFINITY...don't judge; we attend public school.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Craftastic! Couple's Shower Invitations

Much to my future brother-in-law's chagrin, La-La (sister-in-law) has decided she wants a couple's shower. I tell you what, gentlemen! Don't fret...they usually aren't that bad. When you join in the fun, there are usually gifts for you too...GASP!

The invitations needed to be simple but elegant if I was going to be a happy hostess. At Michael's, I found a Sizzix Embossing Folder with curlie cues, four packages of coordinating paper flowers, glue dots called Zotts, and a block of fall colored stationary cards and envelopes...all for around $50 for 200 invitations. Luckily, we only need 100 of the little gems so I have extra card making booty! Yay, me!

Now, let me tell you what is what! If you have the original Sizzix (giant red block of hard plastic with a lever and a thin board), these new embossing folders won't work without some finagling. Luckily for me, I have a genius Hubby Dearest! After a fruitless but thorough search of the garage for wood to supplement the space needed to make the impression with the folder and my old lever-operated Sizzix, we opted for a stack of index cards. Southern Engineering wins again!

Not one of the invitations is the same aside from the wording (NOT an Aunt J-Me original...Darling Daughter googles well):

Here comes the bride, here comes the groom. Let's shower them with gifts from room to room!

DD cut out the card stock center information, and I embossed the 4x6 cards. Using the glue dots attach the two pieces and pick out your paper flowers. Pick an envelope and you're good to go. Easy peasy! Now I have time to focus on the food and flowers and games.

Yay me???