Wednesday, October 12, 2011

I'm OBVIOUSLY a Big Dork!

Inspiration found on Pinterest
According to Marshall Kirkpatrick, I am now a member of the Big Dork Club (although I think I have always been a member) because I am finally into Pinterest. Go read his blog about this new addictive web site to see a full description of the many uses of Pinterest. I liken it to the cork board I hung on my wall as a kiddo that collected anything of interest to me. It's funny to see Darling Daughter's bulletin board piled with years and years of hand-made arts and crafts, certificates for her latest and greatest feat of awesome childhood-ism, pictures of funny faces, award ribbons, special messages, etc. Yeah, this is a digital version of that, which helps walking contradictions like myself (pack-rats who are also clutter-phobes).

What's awesome for for this crafty gal is that I can "Pin" those items of "Interest" to me (get it? Pinterest?) and see all the virtual cork boards of my friends and strangers. WARNING!!! Snagging ideas for future fun is freaking addictive, y'all! Once you get started, it sucks you in...WAY IN! Like you look up from your click, click, clicketing and multiple hours have snuck right past you!

I am totally
going to buy a scarf
and wrap my head up now
that this totally easy tutorial
has been discovered!
Last night, I grabbed three recipes that were of interest to me, ran to the store to buy supplies and made dinner and dessert. This totally knocked out the "I don't know; what do you want to have for dinner?" conversation. I even got up this morning and started a slow cooker baked potato soup for dinner tonight. In addition to Fun Foodie items, I collected 155 various crafts, card ideas, holiday fun items,  inspirational quotes, etc. just last night! I may be in more trouble because I discovered the Iphone App for Pinterest this morning...looks like Angry Birds just got some competition for my attention! Anyone want to give me an IPad for my birthday so I don't go blind using my little bitty phone? :-)

Come follow me on Pinterest and let's share ideas! I login using Facebook so if we are friends on Facebook, we can connect on Pinterest.

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  1. i am totally going to use this tutorial! (see my pin)

    love ya!