Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Losing to Win: Big Decision

In July, after returning from our Cancun vacation, I made the difficult decision to have weight loss surgery, specifically the gastric sleeve. I never wanted to see Darling Daughter and Husband Friend struggle to fly with me again, sharing their seat space with me. If I wanted to go parasailing, I didn't want the weight limit to prevent it. I didn't want struggle to keep up only to have my feet and legs and back suffer. 

I went to Husband Friend first. As soon as I voiced my wish, our future opened right before my eyes. I'd never realized I couldn't see glimpses of our future until then. We held a family meeting to let DD know and voice any concerns she might have. She added to our visions for the future. In fact, she insisted on going with me to the initial information meeting. The next call was to my parents who were giddy with support. 

Waiting for winter break was going to be the hardest part. After months of dreaming of the future, making a weight wish list, meetings, tests, counseling, battling a last-minute head cold, and insurance hoop jumping, I had the gastric sleeve procedure and hiatal hernia surgery yesterday (12/15/14). Overall pain hasn't gotten above a 7 in 24 hours. Dozing off while people are talking to me is distressing but everyone seems to understand. Sipping fluids every 15 minutes isn't too difficult. Walking every hour helps with soreness. There are so many medications that my mother and husband are creating a spreadsheet. 

I'm proud of how non-weenie I am being. This is going to be an amazing adventure!