Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Try Something New Tuesdays:Great! Now I am Worried about being a Worrier!

The Worry Cure: Seven Steps to Stop Worry from Stopping You by Robert L. Leahy, Ph.D.

I heard once when I was younger, "Worrying is like a rocking chair. It gives you something to do but takes you no where."  Having scored a "perfect" 80 on the Penn State Worry Questionnaire, I wasn't too surprised to see that my overall score on the Worry Domains Questionnaire was a 66 (people with Generalized Anxiety Disorder score around 40). I was only somewhat worrisome in my Work, Future and Close Relationships. However, I was an off-the-charts worrier with Lack of Confidence and Finances. Metacognitively, it does seem that my "Positive Worry Beliefs" are within healthy ranges, but that is probably negated with the fact that my "Uncontrollability and Danger" and "Cognitive Self-Consciousness" Worry Beliefs are once again above the norm.

At that point I gave up taking the book's quizzes because it was depressing and worrisome. Ha! The book about stopping my worry only added to my anxiety. That figures. I choose not to worry. As if she knew I needed a last thought, MyBeckyFriend called from Queen City just now and reminded me of my camp name, Dory. I was given this name for my "Just Keep Swimming" way of keep on keeping on. Worry will have no place for me as long as I keep getting up every morning, going to work, taking care of my family and friends and moving forward with my life. I have to just keep swimming. Besides, I think I am allergic to self-help books!

Poutine--brown gravy over cheese curds (except we used mozzarella pearls) and french fries...O!M!G! I am glad we had company and had to share this little delight with everyone who was visiting, or I would have made a deep fried mess of myself! Two thumbs up! Ten stars! Fan-freaking-tastic! MyChad says they are even better bought in a paper bag from a road-side stand on a freezing cold day in Canada. Er...pass! He must have lost his dang mind if he thinks this germ-phobic chica is voluntarily choosing to eat from a roach coach. GAG!

Have you seen the Hallmark commercial with the recordable books? Well, they sucked me in, and I am super ecstatic that they did. I purchased one for the nephews this weekend and sweet-talked not only Hubby Dearest and Darling Daughter into recording a page but also Memaw and Papa! The recordings are super duper easy and once you have the book the way you want it, you open the battery case and slide the switch to lock. This keeps little fingers from accidentally re-recording over your lovely voice. I only wish we had one more person's beautiful voice to add to this treasure. You may think it's a little steep to pay $30 for a children's board book, but once the voices are recorded to each page, the book becomes a priceless treasure! I cannot wait to give it to the boys!

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  1. One of my favorite places to eat is a 'roach coach'! :) I had a do something new for you the other day, but I Forgot it :( boo. I will post it when I remember...love you!!