Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Try Something New Tuesday--Waffle House O.M.O.

"What is Waffle House O.M.O.?" you ask. It's lunch at the "Aweful Waffle" on my own. Further more, it's probably a one time endeavor. Missing myGayla terribly, I decided I wanted to walk her path of being okay with meals at Waffle House by myself. I ordered her favorite hashbrowns with peppers, tomoatoes, cheese and ham, opting not to go forward with my plan of hashbrowns all the way (Bert can keep his chili--beans! really!). Although completely yummy with a little salsa on top, I am sure the lovely waitress was stricken to find me crying in her booth as I stared longingly off into space while eating this ugly mess of fried food. After snapping back to reality, I gulped down the rest of my lunch and tipped her 100% as I fled for the safety of my car. I wonder if I'll ever look at pedicures and Waffle House the same way again.

The list isn't growing but is shrinking! Got anything you suggest I try?

· pomegranates
· making jam
· Russian cuisine
· New Boston Pioneer Days
· business travel all in one day
·  Be an insane sideline mom with glittery sign and all
· kayaking
· 5k training to eventually RUN a 5k
· mud bath
· banya (not just food; they have a spa too)
· Zumba
· Ballroom dancing class
· Watch a Bollywood movie at a Bollywood theater
· Quilting
· Take Darby to see a Midnight show of Rocky Horror
· Participate in a flash mob
· Boot Camp
· Art Class
· Dance on a Bar
· Puerto Rican food
· Meditate at a Buddhist temple
· Volunteer at a homeless shelter
· be a tourist in my own town
· snow ski
· order and eat hash browns "all the way" at Waffle House
· Make a Funny Face Book

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