Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Try Something New Tuesday:
Pinterest Inspiration: Grocery Sack Reuse

I used to think that my once-a-year Garage sale was genius because, instead of pricing each individual piece of crap, I would give out the grocery sacks we collect all year for $5 and tell our patrons, "Anything you can fit into that sack for $5." I cleared out our bag collection and our junk at the same time. Well if that was my genius, then this is whatever is WAY SMARTER AND COOLER than genius.

Originally pinned from "Tatertots and Jello", a blog of DIY crafts and ideas, this is a tutorial for taking your grocery bags and an empty cleaning wipe container and making a dispenser for your car, your laundry room or your mommy bag! It makes that jumble of plastic sacks a neat and compact bag dispensary! Hubby dearest was a doubting Chad until I let him demonstrate with my finished product. Now he wants one for his truck and his dad's boat!

1.  Gather a dozen bags and flatten them out pushing all the air out. I used several more than 12 because my container was the large wipes.
2. Fold the bags in half again pressing all the air out. This took me a couple of tries.
3. Overlap the handles of the bags onto the top of the previous bag. If you’re only working with 12, then you can make a long line. If you’re doing more, you may just want to work with a few at a time.
4. Fold the first bag’s handle upward. This will be your middle and the first bag you pull out of the container. All the other bags will be connected to this first one.5. Tightly roll up the sacks, tucking in the new handles as you roll.6. After you roll the grocery bags, insert the roll into your wipes container, tucking the first bag’s handles through the top.7. From here, you decorate your wonderful little container using whatever supplies you have available. GENIUS!

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