Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Try Something New Tuesday:
Pinterest Inspired Lamp

So last week I wrote about discovering Pinterest and becoming an instant addict. The fun continues! This week I have been completing little Pinterest Projects all over the place. I made Darby a One Sentence Journal for documenting her high school years as well as a Dream Bucket. Although I am very proud of those two items, this fun Tissue Paper Lamp was the winner of my week. To boot, Darling Daughter loves it too! Yay, J-Me!

Supplies: Balloon, tissue paper strips in multiple colors, tacky glue, lamp socket kit from Lowe's and a light bulb.

1. Blow up the balloon and use tacky glue to adhere the twisted paper roses to the balloon. To make the rose, cut a 2 inch x length of the tissue paper strip. Twist the strip into a long tissue rope. Tightly roll the strip into a circle, creating your rose.

2. For an extra measure of security, I sprayed the rose-covered balloon with a matt finishing spray. Let the project dry for 24 hours.

3. Once the lamp is completely dry, gently cut the balloon and let it deflate. I had to gently remove balloon bits from inside the lamp shade. It looked like one of those flower-covered swim caps from the 50s.

4. I then cut a hole in between a couple of the top roses to insert the socket of the lamp kit. I screwed in a light bulb, plugged it in, and ta-da! A funky light for darling daughter!

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