Tuesday, November 8, 2011

30 Days of Thankful: Day 8--Nephews



Although I am sure their mama would save a letter of thanks until the boys could read it, I decided that I needed to make them a gift to show James and William how much I adore them and how thankful I am for them. This is really easy to do using Snapfish.com! The most time consuming part is gathering all the photos. Using drawings of things beginning with each letter of the alphabet, letters we created or took photos of, and pictures of the families, Darby and I put together a customized ABC Book. I had toyed with the Pinterest idea of taking photos of colors and making a My Colors book but decided maybe next time. Another idea you could use could be to purchase a recordable book from Hallmark and record a personal message for your little ones in addition to reading it to them. James III told me last weekend that the one we made for his birthday this year is his favorite book of all. Each idea will cost around $30 but will be priceless when completed. Say a prayer of thanks for all the little ones in your life today and every day. They are our future.

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