Friday, November 4, 2011

30 Days of Thankful: Day 4--Mama

Dearest Mama,

Thank you for giving me life and for raising me to lead with my heart. Thank you for being my friend when I need a friend and for being my mother when I need a good swift kick in the tail. I owe you so much for making me the woman I am today and for the heck I put you through growing up.

Thank you, Mommy, for always being my number one fan growing up. Thank you for attending band and twirling competitions. Thank you for the dance lessons and costumes. Thank you for reminding me that I can do anything that I put my mind to. Thank you for encouraging me to move to New Jersey in 1999, and thank you for welcoming me home when I gave up in 2000. Thank you also for letting me live at home when I became a teacher. Thank you for holding my hand during all those surgeries and getting me back on my feet quickly. Thank you for crying with me when my heart was broken and for jumping for joy when it was mended.

Mommy, you and I have a special connection that I thank God for providing. We are both so much alike and yet uniquely ourselves. I consider it a complement when I am accused of being like my mother. I know I am your spitting image in every way and am proud of it.

Thank you, Mama, for the days we get to spend hanging out. I enjoy our lunches and errands and wish they were more frequent. Thank you for always laughing at my silliness and making me feel like I am important.

Thank you, Mama, for showing me how to be a good mom. Thank you for loving my little family just like they are your own. We love you and are grateful for you everyday.

All my love and admiration,
Jaimee Christine

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