Monday, November 7, 2011

30 Days of Thankful: Day 7--Dana

Dearest Dana,

Thank you, Sister, for marrying that harry legged brother of mine and becoming part of our family. We are better people for knowing you, love. Thank you also for sharing those two little angels with us. James III and William are sunshine.

Dana, thank you for re-introducing me to the Girl Scout way. You improved me and my life by reminding me how to always be prepared. I will always be appreciative for the long drives to Mena where you and I would talk about anything and everything. Those were the times that I think bound us as sisters. Thank you for letting me be part of that part of your life.

I am constantly amazed by the neat and crafty things you do. Thank you, Sister, for getting me involved with card-making and scrapbooking, and thank you for continuing to encourage me to be creative. Thank you for always making me feel like I am talented and special. Dana, thank you for having us take all those pictures each year. Because of you, we have memories of Gayla that might have never been. You are a treasure.

Thank you, Dana, for teaching me how to be a "Cool Aunt Jaimee." By watching you with my Darby, I have learned how to shower those boys with love and attention. Thank you for loving her and making her feel so special.

Thank you, Sister, for taking care of Mama and Daddy these last few months. I will always be appreciative of the love and affection you have bestowed on us all. I find myself replaying that conversation we had the day after and all the love I felt from you coming across the line gave me strength to keep moving forward. Thank you. I love you, Dana.

Your sister, Jaimee

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