Sunday, November 13, 2011

30 Days of Thankful: Day 13--Employer

Dear Kevin and Evan,

I stand amazed almost every day that I have been so very blessed to work with the two of you at Key Residential. I knew when, during our interview in 2010, Kevin told me he would pray about me and get back to me, that this career change was going to be a huge blessing in not only my life but the lives of Chad and Darby as well. 

Kevin, thank you for believing in me and for constantly making me feel appreciated. Thank you for trusting me with so much and empowering me to do what I can to make us a success. Being your office manager and director of marketing is one of the best careers I have ever had. Your support and friendship is a plus. Thank you for always giving solid advice and for praying for us as if we were family.

Evan, thank you for being so easy to get along with and for understanding me when I give you that look of "HuH!?!" I am thankful for our staff development meetings each week and for getting to know you as a person, which helps make us a strong team for Kevin. Your sense of humor and work ethic make being your co-conspirator a breeze.

Please pass along my thanks to your families for their support of our team as well. We would have nothing without them. Thank you for being my blessings, guys.


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