Friday, November 18, 2011

30 Days of Thankful: Day 18--Students

Dearest Former Students of a Crazy Lady,

Thank you, my sweets, for being the first children I could claim as mine. Thank you for learning all you could from me and making me feel like I somehow changed the world just a little by being in your lives. Thank you for making me laugh and even thank you for making me cry. Thank you for teaching me as much as you learned. Being your teacher was the most fulfilling calling I have ever had next to being a Mama to Darling Daughter. I am so thankful to follow your lives via FaceBook each day.

Micaela, you humble me and cause me great joy all at the same time by telling me you wrote a speech about me. I cannot wait to watch this most honorable gesture of love. Thank you, sweet girl. Thank you also for staying in contact with me and keeping me informed of all you are up to. I am so excited to see what your future holds for you, Love.

Ali girl, thank you for the birthday wish. I cannot wait to read what you wrote tomorrow. Thank you for always being a Godly woman with a heart of gold. You make me proud.

Caleb, you too, man! Your posts remind me that even with great pressures, God reaches out to us through so many avenues and reminds us to seek Him. Thank you, friend.

Chris, Collin and Kody, oh my goodness, where to even begin. The three of you kept me in stitches when I was your teacher and continue to keep me pretty dad-gum entertained these days too. Thank you for always taking that high road and for reminding me to be positive and to seek out the humor in all situations. Thank you for always making me feel like I matter to you.

To all my babies who have become parents since I was your teacher, thank you for teaching me that life goes on and God blesses us all. To my loves who chose to serve our nation's military, thank you for your service; thank you for ensuring the protection of our freedoms. To my children seeking that higher education, make me proud and be all you can be. Mostly, to all the students from Queen City, Flower Mound, and Plano, who I gave my all during the ten months you were my students, thank you for making me a better person. I'll love you forever, my children you will always be.

Chocolate Milk!
Miss Moore/Mrs. Hunter/Ms. Jaimee

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