Wednesday, November 16, 2011

30 Days of Thankful: Day 16--Mike

My dearest Mike,

Brother Friend, first and foremost, thank you for not holding it against me that I am goofier than you prefer, and thank you for loving me anyway. You are an amazing friend, and I sit in awe that you actually like me. ;-D

Mike, thank you for loving MyJ-Man and making him happy. The two of you inspire and astound me constantly. Thank you for your laughter and hugs. Thank you for making us breakfast whenever we invade you for the weekend. Thank you for making that morning cup of coffee so much diverse fun. Yall's home is welcoming and comforting at all times.

Mike and Romeo
Thank you also for our "family" vacations. The laughter on the way to New Orleans, the line dancing on the cruise ship, the snorkeling among the jelly fish...all are precious memories. Thank you for always keeping our little group moving and adventuring. Thank you also for giving me some sense of style. Your introduction to the finer things in life make me just a little more cool.

Thank you, Mike for adopting my blood family as well. My Mama and Daddy love and adore you so very much. My brother friend, I thank you for loving my sister as well. She valued your friendship for the treasure that it is. Gayla was your biggest fan and she loved you as her own brother. You said it best, "Some people are family out of birth and some are from love." You are definitely part of our family of the heart, my love. I thank you so much for encouraging me during my crisis of faith and reminding me that it's okay to be mad and still believe. Thank you for being the best sort of Christian and changing the world with your steadfast love and loving heart.

Thank you, Mike, for saying you are proud of me for quitting smoking. You don't know how much that meant to me and made me stand a little taller and prouder. It made me want to succeed. Your support and approval are so very important to me.

I love you, my brother, my friend, my family. You are amazing in every way and an inspiration for me daily.

You Sister,

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