Tuesday, November 15, 2011

30 Days of Thankful: Day 15--Jeremy

My Dearest Jeremy,

Thank you, Brother, for always being our voice of reason. Thank you for being the perfect example of an accepting and open-minded man. Thank you for being the sounding board to my crazy without fail. You inspire me to be a better friend...a better person. You have taught me the real meaning of friendship (knowing the worst of the worst and still sticking to it).

Jeremy, thank you for befriending me almost 11 years ago. You embraced me from the instant we met and have never let me down. Thank you for that lunch run to the pet store where I got my first goldfish, Chocolate. Thank you for not razzing me too much when he committed fish-cide by jumping out of the bowl and onto the floor while I slept. On that same note, thank you for teaching me about fish aquarium maintenance so I didn't kill all of Darby's fish a few years back. You knew that the falling water gave them oxygen and the tank shouldn't be all the way full.

Brother, thank you for the many family vacations we have shared. I always feel safe knowing you are behind the wheel, literally and figuratively. Thank you for all of our inside jokes with which we torment Sosie. "Have you seen my baseball?" "Biscuits and mustard..." "Look, kids, big ben!" Thank you for keeping me entertained watching y'all squabble lovingly. Thank you for that trip to the zoo; it's one of my favorite memories of us all together. Thank you for always being our photographer and designated driver. You literally save our lives every time.

Thank you for bringing Mike into our little gang. He is the perfect den father for our little rag-tag group. It was such an honor when Sarah and I were asked to make that first valentines day surprise so special for the two of you (sorry about the candy on the floor). Y'all's love inspires the rest of us to love with our whole hearts and run head-long into the unknown because we know that our partners will be right there with us on the adventure.

Jeremy, thank you for embracing my family as your own. I am proud to call you Bubba. Your love for my parents is unmatched. Your love for Gayla is heartwarming, and it gives me peace to know that she always had you and Mike just down the road to be a part of her day-to-day life. She loved you so much and really cherished the times you two would go out when Mike was traveling. She loved spending time with y'all at the movies or out shopping. Thank you also, Bubba, for being my rock during the last few months. I will forever be indebted for your love, your friendship, your support, and your willingness to go with me to the mountains or just to the homestead.

J, thank you also for adopting my darling daughter as your art protege. Your support of her even when just helping her pick out supplies at the store makes her feel like she is important to you and that y'all share something special and your own. Thank you for helping Chad with whatever crazy project he has going on, and thank you for all the years of letting me be your helper on your own crazy projects. I am still afraid of heights but will always help you put up Christmas lights.

I love you, Jeremy. You began as my friend and will forever be my brother.

Your sister,

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