Sunday, November 27, 2011

30 Days of Thankful: Day 27--My Blog Hero

Dear Elizabeth,

For the month of November, I challenged myself to write 30 thank you notes to those in my life whom matter and mean so much to me. You are on that list! It may seem strange (or slightly stalker-ish) that a stranger would call you her friend and blog hero, and it is probably oogie (and slightly scary) for that stranger to send you a letter of thanks. That's just me, your best scary, oogie, stalker/stranger friend. Thank you for not putting out a restraining order.

Thank you Liz for your blog, Flourish in Progress. Thank you for making me laugh and cry. Thank you for always writing a response to my crazy little comments on your blog. Thank you also for the very cool magnet you sent me for liking your page. It's the first blog SWAG I have ever won! Thank you mostly, Liz, for supporting my blog as well. I truly feel like a rock star has visited my home when you leave comments on my posts.

I began my blog because of the tragic loss of my sister this past March. Most of my followers are our friends and family. It was the only way I could work my way through this anguish. As I was looking for ideas for how and what to write about each day, I found the Happiness Project, which led me to your lovely blog. Girl, you keep me laughing with your Monday dares, and you remind me to laugh at even the most crazy things people in this world put us through. Your openness about your past reminds me that my happiness in life is not determined by the hardships of the past but of the joys we make of them. Thank you for your heart and your openness, Friend.

As for groups of friends, we are a troop of four peeps that became friends at work more than a decade ago. Sarah and I drug our sisters into the group and a few others. We truly are that crazy group that looks like that have a lot of inside jokes and tons of memories. Some days those are the only things we have to keep us from crawling under the bed and hiding there until this pain subsides. I want you to know you would always be welcome to join our little bit of crazy if you ever moved back to Texas.

Love ya, girly!

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  1. Dear friend,

    I hope you had an AMAZING Thanksgiving and you stuffed your face with all kinds of goodness. I know I did. For four days straight. I'm not proud. But I'm full. And that's what important, right?

    Thanks so much for your kindness. And for showing me what real strength looks like.