Wednesday, August 1, 2012


After thirty-some-odd years of dreaming and wishing and hoping, guess who is finally traveling past the western Texas border! That's right! This gal! Luckily there has been much to do so time is zipping past! I am finally heading to Cali! On the list for the weekend...Disney Land and Disney Adventure Park, Universal Studios, seeing the Ocean, and the TMZ tour. Since we're going in the summer, my other dream of meeting Ellen DeGeneres will have to wait until the NEXT trip to LA-LA land. I'll keep my eyes peeled though...yes sir-eee! Where do you plan to visit someday as part of your bucket list?

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  1. As a native Southern California girl, I am so happy for you!!!!!! After growing up and living there for over 30 years I finally moved out of state, but I miss Disneyland so much! Used to go there ALL THE TIME! it is really the happiest place on earth!! HAVE FUN!!!!!