Friday, August 10, 2012

There's a Day for Everything!

One might say I am quirky (most call me weird). However, in my book, it is perfectly okay to embrace each day as if it is special. In fact, I am going out in search of the special in each day. If you know of one I haven't found, please do share.

August (National Napping Month)

Gal Pals Celebrating the Day

  1--National Girlfriends Day
  2--National Ice Cream Sandwich Day
  3--National Watermelon Day
  4--National Chocolate Chip Day
  5--National Mustard Day AND National Waffle Day (separate...not together...ewww)
  First Sunday in August--Sister's Day (See what I have to say...)
  9--National Book Lovers Day
10--S'Mores Day
11--Play in the Sand Day
12--Middle Children's Day
13--International Left-Hander's Day
14--International Nagging Day (to name one of many specialities of the day)
15--Best Friends Day UPDATE JUNE 8; National Relaxation Day
16--Roller Coaster Day
18--Bad Poetry Day
19--National Aviation Day
20--National Radio Day
Peaches for the Pie
THIRD SATURDAY--National Homeless Animals Day
21--My Sister Gayla's Birthday
22--Be An Angel Day
23--National Sponge Cake Day
24--National Waffle Day (There's a debate...this could be August 5), National Peach Pie Day, and Strange Music Day
25--Kiss and Make Up Day, National Banana Split Day
26--National Dog Day

What will you do to celebrate each day?

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