Friday, August 31, 2012

There's A Day for Everything!

One might say I am quirky (most call me weird). However, in my book, it is perfectly okay to embrace each day as if it is special. In fact, I am going out in search of the special in each day. If you know of one I haven't found, please do share.

myMike and Me
September (National Honey Month)
  First Monday--Labor Day
  First Sunday after Labor Day--Grandparent's Day
  1--Calendar Adjustment Day
  2--V-J Day
  3--Skyscraper Day and MyMike's birthday!
  4--Newspaper Carrier Day (so please take a day off guy who throws a paper at my lawn every other day)
  5--Be Late for Something Day (bahahaha!)
  6--Don't Procrastinate Day
  7--Salami Day
  8--International Literacy Day
  9--Teddy Bear Day
Me and Darling Daughter
10--Sewing Machine Day and TV Dinner Day
11--Remembrance Day aka Patriot Day
12--Chocolate Milkshake Day
13--Positive Thinking Day and Peanut Day
14--Stand Up to Cancer Day
15--Greenpeace Day
16--Step Family Day and Play-Dough Day
17--Constitution Day
18--National Cheeseburger Day
19--Talk Like A Pirate Day
ARRRGyle the Sock Pirate
20--In honor of this being self-improvement month, do something for yourself!
21--International Peace Day and Packer's Birthday!
22--First Day of Autumn, Elephant Appreciation Day, and Mike and Jeremy Get Married!
23--Presidential Dog Day
24--National Punctuation Day
25--Mary Poppins Day and Comic Book Day and One Hit Wonder Day
26--Johnny Appleseed Day (sing along! "oh the Lord's been good to me, and so I thank the Lord, for giving me the things I need like the sun and the rain and the apple seed")
27--Tourism Day
Fourth Friday--Native Indian/American Day
Packer and Thing 1 in 2009
28--First Born Nephew Day (yeah! I made this one up but it's real to me! Love you Thing 1!)
29--Heck yeah! COFFEE DAY y'all
30--In honor of September being Better Breakfast month, take your spouse to breakfast today.

Please share if you know of a special day in September that I need to include!

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