Monday, September 10, 2012

Sept. 10--TV Dinner Day

There really is a day for everything! Besides being Sewing Machine Day, today is TV Dinner Day! Swanson brought us the first frozen meal way back when it was served in a metal sectioned tin pan that was warmed in the oven. Now we nuke most TV Dinners in the microwave, with a few companies making some that are still cooked in the oven. For a full history, check out Wikipedia (don't judge...I was in a hurry).

I am not ashamed to tell the world, I feed my family frozen dinners! I would rather spend what little time we have together in the evening crafting with darling daughter, crocheting while we watch television TOGETHER, and being a family. Plus, we have a few standards like lasagna and enchiladas that everyone can agree upon, something that is sometimes difficult with picky eaters. I do have dreams of cooking big on weekends and freezing but that still hasn't come to be a reality even after my extensive research and hours of cooking show know-how.

What shortcuts do you take to give yourself more time with your kin and kindred?

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  1. There's just the two of us in the house now and frankly, I spend quite enough time with him lol. I cook, he keeps me company. I can't imagine what he would do if I fed him a frozen dinner.