Monday, August 20, 2012

Happy Birthday, Sister...You will always be loved.

Gayla Leeanne, born of James and Brenda on August 21, 1972. She was a perfect little guinea pig first child. She taught us all how to love unconditionally and give whole heartedly. Sister was taken way too early from our family on March 19, 2011. Thirty-eight years, six months and 26 days will never be enough time to to explain what she meant to not only us but to every life she touched.

I thank my parents for giving Bubba and I the perfect big sister. She embraced us for our little weirdnesses and loved us anyway. Gayla was the perfect aunt for my darling daughter. She loved her as if she were of our blood and bone. Sister went out of her way to support our little family and be a part of all the little milestones.

Say a little prayer on August 21 and have a toast, some birthday cake, and embrace the day for the beautiful woman who God made for us to love forever.

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