Thursday, August 9, 2012

National Book Lovers Day

Somewhere around the time I fell in love with books and reading, our elementary school's library, which was a metal portable building, also found itself the home of a birthing mother skunk. Chalk it up to books holding the strong stench in their pages for years, but the library was never the same. Nevertheless, I still fell head over heels in love with reading. Even today, whenever we are driving around the country and a skunk is nearby, I think of that library of yesteryear and reading.

Okay, some might say I have forsaken my books of paper pages and leather binding for my kindle and iPad. However, I say that I have simply solved my issue of trying to carry all my interests around in one bag. I still mosey through the book store in search of that perfect combination of hardback and strong story line. I am always in search of my "classics" in real books to have and to hold forever, amen. However, eReaders make partaking of certain trashy novels (you know which ones) a little more convenient by not shouting to the world, "YES! I READ SMUTTY TRASH TOO!" Oh wait...I guess I just did. Oh well!

I love the book store experience. I also adore getting a whim to read and being able to download my desired object of affection within a minute without leaving the comfort of my bed or my pjs. I am enthralled by reading, escaping to the next adventure while waiting to switch out the laundry.

Where do you stand? Are you a reader? Books/EReaders? Fiction/Non-fiction? What was your first book?

NOTE: My mama says The Pokey Little Puppy was my favorite as a child. I remember the first chapter book I ever read from cover to cover was a biography of Helen Keller. My favorite book of all time is To Kill a Mockingbird. I am currently reading Abraham Lincoln Vampire Slayer, Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, and The Lucky One.

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