Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Being a Woman of my Word

My beautiful and giving sister Gayla was the best example a giver of time and money to charities. Also, when a friend needed, she gave all she could. When a job needed to be done for another, she signed up, tied on her apron and worked for the better of this world. It is still a heartbreak to keep moving forward now that Sister is gone. However, it is with her charitable heart that I am able to finally be a woman on my word.

When I first came to DFW, this small-town gal had had only had a handful of radio stations in which to listen in Texarkana. When I discovered Kidd Kraddick and his band of morning enthusiasts, I felt like I found friends to wake up with each morning. I have laughed with them and cried. They are the friends I have never met personally. When the Kidd Kraddick Morning Show became syndicated, it was a thrill to know that my hometown friends and family would get to experience these wonderful people's talent as well.

Me and Gayla in 2010

Over the years, Kidd's charity, Kidd's Kids has sent many a chronic or terminally ill child and his/her family to Disney World. Until now, I have only been able to give donations of about $20 each year to this worthy cause. However, in my heart and mind, I always promised myself that should I ever be able, I would give more. It is because of my sister's tragic death that I am able to keep my promise to myself.

Please join me today, Kidd's Kids Day (the only day of the year that the morning show campaigns for donations), and give what you can. Give for the children you are so blessed to have who are healthy. Give for the children in this world who aren't. Give for the people like Gayla who gave just because it is on their hearts to do so. Any size donation is fabulous! Give and then enjoy the rush of your heart instantly quadrupling in size.

Much Love,

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