Friday, July 27, 2012

UPDATED: Weight Watchers After Week Two...Perspective

This week was not as a successful as last. However, I did manage to lose one pound for a total of 7.4 in two weeks. I had only two sodas, which is better, and I tracked everything I ate, which is best. However, I only walked twice and didn't make it to yoga at all. I have given serious consideration to the personal training idea and am leaning more that way than I was last week. I am also looking into Lifetime Fitness because then I could have yoga every evening and Zumba too. Since it would be silly to tack on another goal when I didn't even achieve last week's, I am sticking with adding more activity this week.


Perspectives I reached this week:
  • These photos don't show squat but my clothes are getting bigger so I must be getting smaller.
  • To drink a 20 oz. soda, I would need to walk for an hour (6 POINTS).
  • Because I wanted to eat fast food this week, I did a little research:

Almost an Entire Day's Food Allowance--PERSPECTIVE
Almost 7 hours of walking at a slow pace--PERSPECTIVE
Almost 5 hours of aerobics, jazzercise--PERSPECTIVE
A little less than 2 hours of Zumba--PERSPECTIVE
Almost 5 hours of hiking--PERSPECTIVE
Almost 7 hours of yoga--PERSPECTIVE

Thank goodness, I opted for the Spicy Chicken Caesar Salad from Wendy's--12 POINTS.

UPDATE: I may need to find a different WW meeting each week. I felt a little judged during today's discussion on SALADS. Rather than making the stink face because I enjoy the 12 point Wendy's salad or the 10 point McDonald's salad, let's give me a high five for not consuming a Baconator, Fries and a Cola (40 points) or Chicken Strips with gravy (92 points). THAT'S SOME FREAKING PERSPECTIVE, JUDGY HATERS! Gosh!


  1. It's horrifying isn't it...what we've been trained to think is all right for us to ingest in a day.

  2. I am proud of you!!! Keep up the great work. Its all about are searching for that..and you will find it!!

  3. Yea! Keep on . . . I'm rooting for you!

  4. Sweet baby, I am proud you made a good choice. You can do this.