Thursday, December 1, 2011

Happiness Report: Thankful for November and Ready for December!

Wow! November was my most successful part of my Happiness Project yet! It truly made me abundantly happy to write all those letters and show my love and appreciation for everyone. BTW, I was also the goofy kiddo at birthday parties who was more excited to give her present to the birthday girl or boy. It's a sickness...don't judge.

December is all about focusing on friends and family. I have big plans to make a point to call my friends and family every week. Also, I am looking into space to have a gift closet somewhere in our house where I can have a little fun to give away when I visit or get visited. I am not quite sure why I wrote as a note, "Don't gossip or criticize." That doesn't sound like me. Another fun item on my to-dos is to start a monthly game night. Beginning tomorrow, Sosie, Val-Gal and I are starting a knitting/crochet club. I am totally jazzed about it! Most importantly, this month I am going to show up and be present.

Items I am on the look out for stocking stuffers this week:
  1. $5 gift cards (Starbucks, McDonalds, Amazon, Borders etc)
  2. A favorite candy
  3. Personalized stationary
  4. Fun socks
  5. Nail polishes
  6. Gel or Sharpie Pens
  7. Chapstick or lip gloss
  8. Hair bands or other accessories
  9. Crayons
  10. Body wash or lotions
  11. Stickers
  12. Lottery tickets
  14. Fishing lures
  15. Small photo frames
  16. Personalized water bottle
  17. Travel sized games (connect four, uno, etc)
  18. Small sketchbook
  19. Fridge magnets
  20. Crafting fun
  21. PJ's (pajama elf delivers on Christmas Eve)
  22. Cute umbrella
  23. Bubbles
  24. Bath toys
  25. Coloring book    

1 comment:

  1. A monthly game night sounds like fun! Your list of stocking stuffers has given me good ideas. A fridge magnet is a great one!