Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Wrapping Paper...huge waste

So last week, I posed a question if anyone else felt the time, effort and money spent on wrapping paper is a waste. I weigh in with a resounding HELL YES!

First of all, my OCD-ish tendencies make me have to have a theme every year, complete with matching bows, tags and even ink color for writing names. I'm not very good at it secondly but try really hard and always feel less than adequate. This year found me sitting in our office floor after hours of working at wrapping boo-hoo-ing and darling daughter coming to my rescue. I would say it is all worth it except that it is not.

We actually teach our kiddos to rip into the paper and make a huge mess. Bags might be the solution but I have no fondness for such trappings. I am considering spending my time next year hiding presents like a scavenger or Easter egg hunt. Make it an adventure!

What is your opinion?

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