Sunday, December 4, 2011

Neutral Zig Zag Sparklies Scarf

I just completed my first not-promised-to-anyone project. Sosie gifted me a ton of remnant yarn Friday during knitting club and I made a pretty scarf!

Yarn is cream, light gray, lightweight fuzzy yarn. I hold a sparkling lace yarn against the yarn as I crochet to weave in the pretty. I think this makes it a dressy scarf.

CHAIN to the length you prefer; add one for every five in your chain.

Row 1: 3ch, {(DC in next five, 3 DC in next one chain to make top of zig), [DC in next five, skip two chains]} repeat {} to end of chain

Row 2-6: change yarn color alternating each row

Row 7-8: SC all the way around scarf.

Row 9-10: slip stitch all the way around scarf

1 comment:

  1. I love that I have been doing this for years and I STILL can't do what you do. I have yet to make a successful pattern! :) you amaze me!