Saturday, December 3, 2011

Dear Santa, 2011

Dear Santa,

Tell God that I want my sister back. Kick HIM in the shins and say, "I am just the messenger!" Then run like Satan's on your tail.

Sorry about that. I really have been good this year even if my thoughts have been...not so much. I'll work on that for the next year.

I wish you existed, St. Nick, because I would really love an IPad or the Nikon camera like the Pioneer Woman uses. A day at the spa for manis, pedis, facials and deforestation coloring would be fun too. Of course I am still working on my Pandora charm bracelets [der! If you know who's naughty and nice, then you can read my mind to figure out the charms I need!].

Hubby dearest says he's looking at the individual coffee maker thingy for me...yummy. While you're at it, could you get Chad a kayak and Darby a laptop from me. Cool! Thanks...really don't want to go shopping this year. Oh yeah, if you're in with Ellen, I will be so jazzed to get tickets for my pals and I to go to see her (dreaming...).

Santa, I don't need any of this; I just want it. I NEED Gayla. Good luck with convincing God to give her back. Maybe don't kick Him after all. Peace! 


P.S. WHAT DO YOU WANT FOR THE HOLIDAYS? I really just want to be with family and friends.

P.S.S. I apologize to anyone who is offended by my crass sense of humor. Depression and a broken heart seem to exasperate the situation.

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  1. thanks for the invite... & reminder to write my er wish list to the not-in-a-million-years fat man. Since I assume by now you've seen my style (if not on my own site then by how I talk to Liz) please take or leave this pennies worth of free advice..

    don't ps an apology to anyone for what you've written. This is your journal that happens to be in a public view, if they don't like it, are offended by what you've said or language you've used, or think your content is inapropriate... too EFFIN bad. Don't read it. The beauty of having this outlet is so you can say what you want in any way you choose. Be free Jaime, and apologize to no one. I think your emotions are beautiful.

    ps my capsha was traine... ha!