Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year...

Darling Daughter, Aunt J-ME, and Hubby Dearest, November 2011
Photo by: Christina Calderon @ Christina Kay Photography

From my little gang to yours, Happy New Year. Thank you for your support this year in this endeavor to write through my grief. This blog and you have helped ease the pain in my heart a little bit each day. My little online journaling has given my family an entry into my mind and feelings that I could not have provided in any other way. Stay tuned for me to get back into my regular programming like, Try Something New Tuesdays, My Happiness Project, Family Night and Write on Wednesdays! Be safe, be loved, and be yourself beautifully. As I used to tell my students before each break, "Don't do anything that would make me cry and don't get dead. I expect to see you all back here when break is over. Chocolate Milk!"

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