Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Try Something New Tuesdays: I have been busy!

Since last month was spent writing thank you notes to everyone, I didn't get to write about all the new things I have been trying! A quick list:

1. I am now a hockey wife in addition to a hockey mom! I have a glittery sign and cow bell to make myself a right crazy pest.

2. My hubby dearest paid me the sincerest compliment, and I am so proud! He called me a free spirit! I think it's the being proud part and telling everyone that is the new stuff.

3. Zig zag crochet pattern...it took four tries and re-starts to finally get this going for my Bubba's Christmas pressie, but now I am rocking and rolling...er...zigging and zagging?

4. Yesterday I watched a YouTube video tutorial on the basket weave crochet pattern and am rocking it right out of the gate! I think this one will be for MyMama.

5. I began writing a journal of letters to Darling Daughter. Sometimes I write about something that happened that day; mostly I write down the little life lessons I want her to know. Depending on when it fills up, she could get it for graduation, on her wedding day, at the birth of her first child, or in the event of my passing. In any case, I want her to have a legacy of Jaimee-isms.

6. I received a Sock Puppet named Arrrrgyle the Pirate as one of my birthday wishes (THANKS SOSIE!) and I love to make videos of him being snarky. I have made a music video or two as well. I think this is what inspired HD's comment about me being a free spirit. fun side note: during our walk this morning, I was singing the theme to Rocky and HD started doing the fist pump jog and even jumped up on a bench in triumph...i think my essence is catching!

7. Starbucks has these little chocolate and cream cake cookies called Whoopie Pies! TO! DIE! FOR! It's everything in my being not to shout,  "I want to make Whoopies!" (70's reference to the Newlywed Game that no one seems to get)

8. My attempt at making Darling Daughter a quilted comforter for her room is incomplete (short on backing material) and laying in a heap on our living room floor. I had such a good beginning...but fizzled out. Boo!

9. OPI has a line of nail polish for The Muppet movie, and DD and I have tried out the red glittery "Getting Miss Piggy With It." You have to layer on a color of some kind as a base coat for it to really shine through. I feel like I have Dorothy's ruby slippers on each of my fingers. I think I will get the blue one for Sosie's wedding!

10. While walking with HD each morning, I make myself run at first. The first couple of days I made it half way down our block. This morning I made it to the end of our block. This counts as training for my 5K in my mind!

What are you doing new? Tried anything wonderful lately?
The list isn't growing but is shrinking! Got anything you suggest I try?

· pomegranates
· making jam
· Russian cuisine
· New Boston Pioneer Days
· business travel all in one day
·Be an insane sideline mom with glittery sign and all
· kayaking
· 5k training to eventually RUN a 5k
· mud bath
· banya (not just food; they have a spa too)
· Zumba
· Ballroom dancing class
· Watch a Bollywood movie at a Bollywood theater
· Quilting
· Take Darby to see a Midnight show of Rocky Horror
· Participate in a flash mob
· Boot Camp
· Art Class
· Dance on a Bar
· Puerto Rican food
· Meditate at a Buddhist temple
· Volunteer at a homeless shelter
· be a tourist in my own town
· snow ski
· order and eat hash browns "all the way" at Waffle House
· Make a Funny Face Book
  • Brag on myself


  1. I would love to see more Arrrgyle the pirate videos. Does he have his own Youtube.com channel?

  2. Pretty sure he needs his own Youtube channel...Sosie is a genius!

  3. Wow. Pimpin list, J.

    P.S. I am addicted to whoopie pies from Starbucks. Crackcakes, aren't they?