Friday, December 2, 2011

I Quit! (it's not what you think...)

The song, "Take this job and shove it" is playing in my head, but I am substituting "job" with "nasty bad habit." BE THANKFUL! During my month-long thank you program, you may have missed out on my complaining rejoicing about quitting smoking.

MyMama told me back in April of this year that for her next birthday she would like me to be nicotine free. I have spent the last six months telling myself I will quit as soon as I am not stressed, or sad, or mad, or INSERT EMOTION. Have you met me?!? With that excuse, I would never quit so God took over and struck me with an eight-week case of bronchitis and a cough that sounded like I was trying to extricate my lungs from my chest via my mouth.

Having foreseen my future with emphysema, I took the after-school-special lesson to heart and just quit. I didn't talk to anyone or consult the gang. I just quit. I began the month wearing patches and struggling to not partake of my vice. I decided I needed something to do with my hands (i know, i know, that's what she said). This led to crocheting. A LOT OF CROCHETING! Like every free second of the day crocheting. I think if yarn is ever discovered to be carcinogenic, I will be long gone.

Now, to spread my crazy around, Sosie, Val-gal, and I are starting our knitting club tonight. We will gather the first of each month to stitch and _itch. Isn't that awesome! Tonight I think we are making slouchy beanie hats. I am just hoping Sosie can teach me to translate the patterns. I have a bad habit of starting with a pattern and then going off on my own when I hit a "dcdec" that I cannot figure out.

Check out some of my creations:
This is my current project...

Made this for my niece Gena.

This was the first blanket; I call it Charisma.

Now I can be a warm sideline mom!

This is supposed to look like camo...

We will widen this as we come up with more t-shirts to cut up.


  1. Yes. My goal is to learn to read a charted pattern. If I can do that, I can crochet anything!!

  2. Well, I did crochet a single line...try not to be awe inspired by my quick learning skills!