Thursday, December 22, 2011

Merry 4th Day of Christmas Week!

"The best of all gifts around any Christmas tree: the presence of a happy family all wrapped up in each other."--Burton Hillis, columnist and author

The Moore's, Christmas 2007 (one of us was a Hunter)
Today's Christmas Memory: Christmas with the Moore's seems to be an all-week affair. We have just always loved being together (maybe the teen years were an exception). So today's memory is of the year that Gayla and I, still in our 20's, awoke to have our Christmas gift explosion with Mama, Daddy and Bubba only to find our cars loaded for us and our engines warming. Daddy had seen the weather and a freak ice storm was about to hit Texas.

The freezing precipitation was already falling and roads were slicking up. I hate to drive anyway so this was not going to be the fun holiday we had hoped (especially since we weren't getting any of our Mama's best stuffing in the world for lunch!). Like a NASCAR pro, I drafted behind Sister's pick up the whole way home with ice and snow falling all around us. Our usual three-hour trip took five. The fun thing about drafting...I used less than a half of a tank to travel almost 200 miles! Gayla, poor thing, emptied her tank ... hehehehehe.... OOPS!

Every year that we would take these
photos for our Mama, there would
always be one where the three
 of us were misbehaving.
Gayla and I had Whataburger that evening and celebrated Christmas together. Poor Mama, Daddy and Bubba were iced into that house for almost two weeks with not electricity or water. Daddy is sweet though. He tells stories of heating water, using his camp stove, for Mama to bathe and scavenging for candles, something we never thought important to have. To this day, they have a storehouse of candles in case that ever happens again. I swear we have the best parents just because they love each other so much!

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  1. Way to turn that nightmare two weeks into a sweet story!