Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Try Something New Tuesdays: Skipping Christmas (decorations)

Well, it's kinda negative trying something new. I have reasoned myself into convincing myself if I just don't say anything, then we won't have to decorate for Christmas this year. I really do tell myself, "Just keep still and maybe they won't notice the tree isn't up." So far, I have made it to day 13 without failing. The shopping is done, and I am even hiding the wrapped pressies out of sight. I am such a bad person. I'll try to be better. Like for next week, I am getting a tan in December...so I don't glow in the dark at Sosie's wedding...:-)!

What are you doing new? Tried anything wonderful lately? Anything not so wonderful?

The list isn't growing but is shrinking! Got anything you suggest I try?

· pomegranates
· making jam
· Russian cuisine
· New Boston Pioneer Days
· business travel all in one day
·Be an insane sideline mom with glittery sign and all
· kayaking
· 5k training to eventually RUN a 5k
· mud bath
· get a tan in December
· Zumba
· Ballroom dancing class
· Watch a Bollywood movie at a Bollywood theater
· Quilting
· Take Darby to see a Midnight show of Rocky Horror
· Participate in a flash mob
· Boot Camp
· Art Class
· Dance on a Bar
· Puerto Rican food
· Meditate at a Buddhist temple
· Volunteer at a homeless shelter
· be a tourist in my own town
· snow ski
· order and eat hash browns "all the way" at Waffle House
· Make a Funny Face Book
· Brag on myself

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