Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Try Something New Tuesday...Parenting

So Tuesdays are supposed to be about trying new things and telling the world about the newest and greatest adventure. No new adventure, but I think I will share with you about my new parenting method. BEST PUNISHMENT EVER...TORTURE! Ha! Just speaking in hyperbole...but it was really good.

Darling Daughter used to fuss about what she wore to school to the point of missing the bus sometimes. I bought the ugliest Hanes sweat pants and sweat shirt and let her know that whenever she was taking too long, she would have to wear this $6 Walmart special. No more problems. Yay us!

Well, in high school the preferred garb of the slouchy is sweats so scratch that! Darling girl however has taken to buying clothing, or more specifically spending my money to buy clothing she never wears. We are not millionaires who can afford tagged clothes growing dusty so I have started charging her. Since DD gets her finances from me, it seems a little odd that she owes me money that I am going to give her to turn around and pay me back.

My best idea ever! Darby had to earn her payback by cleaning Hubby Dearest and My bathroom! The major stipulation was that it had to be "Jaimee Clean," not "Darby Clean" (a clear spot in the middle of the room with the corners piled up and a fear of looking under the bed or opening the closet door). I gave HD a week's notice, told him to not clean up after himself, and really let it get scummy. Then I sprang the news on our girl. She procrastinated so long that our own gag reflexes were starting to warn us we may have to clean the mess or never enter our bathroom again (more hyperbole). PARENTING 101: NEVER DOLE OUT A PUNISHMENT YOU ARE NOT WILLING TO LIVE WITH!

Finally, I told her to get in there and get to cleaning. I gave her no way out of it. After two hours on Saturday, Hubby gave her a work furlough and let her promise to finish on Sunday. The next morning, I wanted to do something fun because parenting with punishments always makes me feel rotten (don't tell her). I woke her up with the promise that we were going to do something fun so I needed her to go take care of her obligations first. It took her another two hours to get the "Jaimee Clean" that was required. However, out bathroom was immaculate.

While getting pedicures later that day, I asked DD what she learned from this experience. Darby sassy-ly said, "I learned I never ever want to owe YOU money again." Well that is one way to look at it, sweet pea. Maybe wasteful clothing will factor in there somewhere too.

UNRELATED NOTE: Once again I have fallen during a house improvement project and hurt my foot and probably sprang the rest of my body! Hubby says I am never allowed to help him ever again. He thinks this is a secret plan of mine to never have to help. I am enthusiastic to help (heck, I was sweeping the drive!). I am also just clumsy (tripped over the flower bed edging). Right now I am in a lot of pain and my foot looks like that of an old person. Pbbbbbllllltttt!

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  1. I don't think anyone's foot would be flattering with that much of a close up and a purple gash.