Friday, September 9, 2011

Family Night--MY CHOICE!!! Writing Love Notes

I know I told Hubby Dearest last week that this week would be his choice, but I was too excited about my idea to wait. In true Chad fashion, he graciously gave me ladies-first option, and I snatched it up like a fashionista at a free sample give away. Then to add salt to his wound,  I gave him his "homework" and heard him grumble poutingly, "On my night, we're going to play a game." Looking forward to it, Baby! Looking forward to it!

Anywho! Do you know what I ask for every birthday, valentines day, Christmas, etc.? Anytime gifts are involved, I ask that they write me a love note. Now don't get me wrong, my husband and daughter are the king and princess of picking out the perfect greeting cards. I just want to see their handwriting and their words. To this day though, my heart's desire is yet unfulfilled! Not after last night!

Inspired by a blog I stumbled upon, SEVEN CHERUBS, I decided to cherish my cherubs. Our family night, Mama's Choice, was to write love notes to one another! I also took this opportunity to get their help making a few greeting cards for upcoming birthdays and holidays. I figure in the spirit of being economical, we should use all these card-making supplies that have been collecting for years. I first began by giving them a couple of days leave time on their homework (it's a rough draft of ideas for composing their love notes). There was complaining, whining and statements like, "I thought family night was supposed to be fun." Darby Doo was just silent in her protest.

I then gathered all of my crafting, scrapbooking, and card-making tons-o-fun goodies together and set up a work area in our kitchen. I began the evening by taking photos of everyone to create the collage below. I was skipping around the house in great anticipation of actually getting started. It felt like when we were kids and waiting to open presents at Christmas!

After a meal of meatball subs, we settled down to the kitchen table. Using our blue homework sheets, we each wrote on a printed collage one word we use to describe the person in question. We passed the collages around and repeated the process. The we did the same for three things we love. Chad even got into the spirit by drawing little pictures on the page.

Chad's Love Note To Darby: he's
really, really, good at this!
After our collages were complete, we created two love note cards, one for each of the other people, using our favorite memory in the homework. Then we gave away our love notes and shared our homework. These sheets of paper will make neat entries in my scrapbooks. I figure if I can keep it up a few times a year, then we'll have a little family history going on as well as appreciation.

Darby's Love Note To Jaimee:
she matches designs and colors

Even though they gave me such a hard time, Chad and Darby really got into the card making. HubbyDearest even got misty eyed when he read his cards that we made for him. After Darling Daughter went to sleep, Chad told me, "Baby, I am really sorry I gave you such a hard time about this. You were right! This was a lot of fun and means a lot to me."

Jaimee's Love Note To Chad:
we made him cry!


  1. Jamiee
    Thanks for visiting my little blog.
    My job is to raise self esteem in adults and children and you have completed one of the most successful exercises -works every time. You sound like a very loving family.

    Ps. She got home with mascara down her face-hair matted, shattered and smelly ... but happy. :) You need to read Part Deux x

  2. Such a sweet post!
    Lene nominated me for the Versatile Blogger Award and now I'm passing it on to you! You can get the details on my blog ^_^

  3. What a lovely idea. Now to just get everyone in the same place at the same time ...

  4. Oh .. what a wonderful and creative idea ... and a great way to show how much you all care.

    Visiting via the Weekend Rewind

  5. aww..this is such a fun filled activity and a great time to spend with one's family:):) But temme how often do u do these? family nights?:)
    dropping by from weekend rewind

  6. I cannot imagine getting away with that but it is a gorgeous way to spend time with your favourite people! Fab family night! Thanks for Rewinding x

  7. That is a very sweet and very creative way to spend some family time together.
    Visiting from the Weekend Rewind.

  8. What a super sweet idea. Gorgeous. Nice to meet your blog x

  9. Jaimee, this is a gorgeous idea - Naomi is the best for encouraging us to do such positive things, isn't she? Well done. J x