Thursday, September 15, 2011

Thursdays are Happiness Reports
September--Eating Healthy Lunches

Darby's phone takes amazing food shots!
Well this week has been a bit of a hit and miss more than you hit. Saturday was stupendous with MyChad and I trying out two of The Pioneer Woman's recipes and them being big hits with our dinner guests. Darby surprised us all by cooking for us one night without being asked. We had so much going on with bridesmaid dress shopping, hockey drama, Jag fest and such that we didn't focus on lunches.

Tinky told Uncle Chad that his cake, which she
assumed was her early birthday cake, was, "PERFECT!"

The only good side is that we didn't fall back on drive through meals to compensate. We will regroup and try again this next week. This is the week we try to cook everything in the crockpot. Maybe we will find some new recipes to add to our standard play list!

In other happiness news, I had a pretty banner day yesterday. MyMama called to let me know MyGayla's puppy, Spanky, who had been lost last week, had been found and returned home a little thinner but unharmed. It seems he wanted to adventure around Hooks and check out his new surroundings. She also let me know that Sister's house would close this week instead of next (that part is happy and sad as this is something that has to happen but is also hard to let go). Also, I ordered my bridesmaid dress for MySarah's wedding in January and signed up for a year of gym membership with the Plano recreation department. My father-in-law gave us an estimate on fixing the parts of our house that are broken and will begin work next Friday. Then this morning, I signed up Darling Daughter for her first hockey team; I am officially a hockey mom! I feel extreme joy when my list of worries prayers are wrapped up answered. Lists are fun even when they are mental checklists.

Thank you for continuing to support this little bit of crazy each day! Visit my blog each Thursday to see how My Happiness Project is going! Here's the plan by month so far:

  • August--being organized
  • September--eating healthier
  • October--having energy
  • November--being thankful
  • December--focusing on family and friends
  • January--focusing on marriage
  • February--focusing on parenting
  • March--being creative
  • April--being helpful
  • May--working smarter
  • June--being adventurous
  • July--loving Jaimee

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