Thursday, September 1, 2011

Thursdays Are Happiness Reports:
September--Eating Healthier (9/1/11)

When I began my Happiness Project five weeks ago, I was all idealistic and over the moon for all the joy that I was about to usher into my life. PPPPBBBBLLLLTTT!!! This is a lot of work! Thank goodness this month is all about food and eating healthy. Too bad my kitchen is still not where I want it. Oh well! Neither are my closets! Ha! However, I do feel like I have made some good strides on de-cluttering our house from the craziness that it was one month ago. I am still in love with our office and saving for the kitchen organization. I will probably just try to keep the closets organized with what we have as I cannot see myself spending that kind of loot on the closet!

I would love to say this is our closet. Ha! NOT! It is one
that I would like to eventually model our
closet after (Lowe's $495.65).
Photo Source
I waited till the last minute last week to get started on the closet organization and was knee-deep in donation bags when MySarah called with the sad news of her sister passing. I didn't finish but was happy to see HubbyDevine took over for me while I was assisting my buddy. I suppose if we can find everything we need and aren't tripping over a rogue sleeping bag or suit case, we will be fine. Maybe that is happiness too...just being okay with whatever!

Alright now! It's September, which means eating healthy. First order of business is cutting out all fast food; that includes breakfast, lunch and dinner. Fast food is high in calories and low in nutrition so it makes sense to cut it out (plus it's FREAKING EXPENSIVE!). Second order of business will be making menus and grocery lists as a family. We did this for this week and hubby dearest came up with our two-week plan. I would post the picture of the amazing roast he prepared last night but the potatoes with Au jus on them looked somewhat obscene. You can ask to see the pic if you see me. Freud would have a field day.

For anyone who didn't know it, I might suffer with a little OCD.
Week one of September will find me either helping or completely preparing every dinner, every night. There is something to be said about that...Darling Daughter should not mind cleaning the kitchen since I am a pretty neat cook who cleans as she goes versus HubbyDearest who is a tornado and hurricane colliding in flour and sauce. I don't complain though because he is an amazing chef!

Week two of this month will be lunch focused and finding alternatives to ordering Jimmy Johns every day (they deliver even one sandwich!). Although I do love their Italian Night and am starting to dig the un-wich, it adds up quickly. I am thinking fun sandwiches and soups or salads. This will probably be the week I drag DarlingDaughter into the kitchen (glaring and sulking...she's too quiet for kicking and screaming) and have her prepare a few meals. At this point we are going to send her to university with only the ability to toast a bagel and make ramen noodles.

Week three we are going to cook every dinner in our crock pot and try to find new meals to add to our repertoire. Picky eaters are going to make this a challenge but I say, "BRING IT ON, BABY!"

Week four I am seeking out meals that "freeze beautifully" (LOVE! Annelle from Steel Magnolias). This way we are essentially making another meal for another time when we would normally run out and grab drive through because it's late or there's a school function or hockey practice ran late or the yard needed mowing or we are just plain wiped out from the day.

<><> <><> <><>
I think this version of
Chicken Speghetti that REE DRUMMOND
THE PIONEER WOMAN made will be first
on our agenda!
If you have recipes you think we should try, please send them to me on FACEBOOK or post them here. I am looking forward to making some of the yummy goodness I see on The Pioneer Woman's web site. She has a show now on Food Network, and I am recording it! 

Thank you for continuing to support this little bit of crazy each day! Visit my blog each Thursday to see how My Happiness Project is going! Here's the plan by month so far:

  • August--being organized
  • September--eating healthier
  • October--having energy
  • November--being thankful
  • December--focusing on family and friends
  • January--focusing on marriage
  • February--focusing on parenting
  • March--being creative
  • April--being helpful
  • May--working smarter
  • June--being adventurous
  • July--loving Jaimee

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