Monday, September 19, 2011


Faith and Darby beating us at Chicken
Foot on Saturday--I think this is my
new favorite photo!
Lists are the saving grace of the attention deprived and anxiety ridden. I have used lists as a coping tool for years and think it very intriguing that there is a whole genre of books, calling themselves journals, of nothing but lists. Listography is a new trend of self expression where you tell about yourself, your family, your love, your friends, your goals for the future, etc., and you do it all in list form.

For years I have listed just to get through the days and weeks and not drop any of those little balls I am always juggling. Hubby Dearest uses lists so that his ADD doesn't over take him and leave him stranded having forgotten something important. For both of us, there is great joy in checking or lining out items on a list, a sense of accomplishment and immediate gratification. 

I think I shall try the journaling lists for a bit using my blog space each Monday for a Listography. Hopefully, my readership won't dwindle any further than it already has. Please join me and share your lists too!

  1. Your Name: Jaimee Christine Hunter (nee Moore)
  2. Your Sign: Scorpio
  3. Do you think your sign is important: NO
  4. Which of Your Parents Named You: I think they both had a hand in it. As the second girl born in a time before you found out the gender of your baby, I think they wanted a boy to name after my daddy. Since I was a girl, I was dubbed Jaimee. The spelling helped "girl-i-fy" me.
  5. Your Idols: Ellen Degeneres, Michelle Obama, Queen Latifah
  6. Five Characters from Books/Movies who describe you well: Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman for her laugh; Nikki Blonsky in the now defunct TV show Huge for the days I feel like the world judges me for my size; America Ferrera in Real Women have Curves for the days I don't give a flip what the world thinks of me; Miss Elizabeth Bennett in Pride and Prejudice for her heart and loving devotion to her sister and friend, including willingness to go to the mats for them; Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter books because I become physically ill when breaking the rules. Bonus: MegRyan...I get the feeling she has a secret coo-coo side that she keeps hidden from the world with her cuteness (:-) Me too!).
  7. Your biggest fear: storms and being in a wreck...summary dieing
  8. How do you behave when you are nervous: I make jokes and most of them are insanely off topic or inappropriate.
  9. Three Words that Describe How You Want People to See You: generous, wise, and beautiful
  10. If you ever ended up on the news, you would want it to be for: starting a children's organization or something else that changes the lives of children.

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  1. love it...i made a list in my journal today...i didn't know i was being trendy! :)

    Love you!!