Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Write on Wednesdays--Facebook Status

Write On WednesdaysI came upon a treasure of writing prompts! SCORE! Check out inkpaperpen and her "Write on Wednesdays". This week's writing prompt was to go to your preferred social media and find the first status post you came across. Then you write for five minutes about what that status jogged loose in your head.

"Why don't we pick up the phone?"

That status hit me up all sides and down another. In this world of technology-on-every-corner, we don't pick up our telephones and TALK to people. We text, we inbox and message, we chat. The only plus is that we are getting into video conferencing and skyping. When the telephone was invented, did people complain that visiting was becoming obsolete? Or was that natural progression that we didn't write letters anymore? Nevertheless, in this world of constant contact, are we really communicating?

You know how I know what is going on with my 14-year-old? I read her blog because her standard answer to an actual conversation is "I don't know" or worse, a blank stare/glare. Do you know how my mother knows what is going on with me? She reads my blog or my facebook status. PA-THE-TIC!

I will say this for technologically communicating. Since MyGayla and I mainly communicated through texts each day, I have from September 2010 until March 2011 of conversations saved. In the beginning of this nightmare, I would read her words every day. I had to limit myself to once every couple of weeks eventually because I would let them suck me in and hold my attention for hours, essentially reliving those months and forgetting to live in the present. Since hearing of several friends' phones needing to be re-set to factory settings, I am trying to record all the messages into my written journal should my phone take a dive. Nevertheless, I would give my left hand (I am a southpaw) to hear Sister's beautiful voice again. To visit with her face-to-face. To wrap my arms around her neck and hold on tight.


  1. Oh Jaimee. I am sad for your loss :-( I too wonder if people lamented the extinction of the 'visit' when the telephone came in. Visiting from W.o.W x

  2. Beautiful - you remind us that so many things are taken for granted that shouldn't be. Thank you for sharing :)

  3. Beautiful love! I do think that reading someone's blog is more personal than talking. It is a time we are forced to listen. There is no interruption. The person we love is telling us what is on their mind, in their soul at that moment. It doesn't go away. Can be reread for tone and is a great jumping place for conversation.

  4. Welcome to Wow! Beautiful piece. I enjoyed reading this. And you make an excellent point about the role of social media in our relationships.

    This is my first visit to your blog. I am very sad for your loss.