Monday, July 18, 2011

Calling All Friends...

I need your help! MyGayla was an enthusiastic fan of Kasey Kahne and to say sister was an avid NASCAR fan is an understatement. She had season tickets at Texas Motor Speedway and built her home in Rhome, TX, telling our Daddy, “It’s just 10 miles from TMS!” Every Sunday (or Saturday) Gayla rooted for Kasey either in person or in the comfort of her home (probably wearing one of more than a few dozen Kasey Kahne shirts she owned). In addition to having a giant mural of a checkered flag and Kasey's FatHead wall design adorning her garage, Gayla also had an “office” in her home filled with NASCAR memorabilia. Her dedication to the sport goes on and on.

As a family, we have plans to spread Gayla's ashes in some of the most significant places of her life. I have written to Kasey Kahne and Texas Motor Speedway asking if Kasey could take a little bit of Sister's ashes with him during the November race at TMS. I am asking all who knew Gayla to do the same. Write a letter to Kasey; you can send it to

TMS's response was sympathetic to our cause, stating, "We are sincerely sorry to hear about the passing of your sister. Her enthusiasm for the sport seems to be infectious. When it comes to individual driver requests, we unfortunately cannot help. These requests should be done directly through the teams and their PR staff."

Mama and Daddy are adamant that this be a private tribute and no publicity be sought nor given. Please state something to that effect in your letter to Kasey. We simply desire to symbolically grant Gayla one of her greatest wishes. Daddy, Mama and my younger brother James will be in the TMS stands in November, and I will be at home rooting Kasey on as I have done every week since that day in March.


  1. Oh girl!!! Do not be intimidated!! Sometimes the words will just come and they did for me this morning. 5 minute excersizes can either be golden, or poop. lol :D

    I'm now following your little blog! I absolutely adore it! Follow me back so we can stay in touch! I share my writing, my photography, and nail art and nail reviews! My 3 passions in life! lol

    I have to also tell you that I am a NASCAR fan! I heart Jimmie Johnson and Jeff Gordon!

    Jenny @ Jems From Jenny

  2. I also forgot to tell you (how rude of me)( that I am so sorry to hear of your sisters passing.