Monday, July 25, 2011

What Would You Do If I Were You?

The Happiness Project Quote of the Day: "He who possesses most must be most afraid of loss" — Leonardo da Vinci

Hmmmm...this makes me think about what causes fear. However I will have to ponder that another time. I was walking this morning (made the butt-crack of dawn look like sleeping in and STILL was hurting in the heat!) and started writing the following in my head. One-track minds have to skip pondering if their masterpiece is to get written! And before anyone gets concerned about the last part, it's about when I am really old and well lived!

What Would You Do If I Were You?

Would you have taken that call
          as you watched our mother melt in front of you?
Would you have kept your calm
          and stuffed your panic down deep?
Would you have made the calls
          and relayed the news?
Would you have kept moving
          even when you wanted to curl into yourself
          to protect what was left of your heart?
What would you do if I were you?

Would you take in everyone else's pain
          and hide yours behind to-dos and chores?
Would you paste on your smile
          and cry only to yourself at night?
Would you beg me to visit you in your dreams
          and rage each morning you went unfulfilled?
Would you keep moving
          even when you want to curl into yourself
          to protect what is left of your heart?
What would you do if I were you?

Will you meet me at the gate
          and throw your arms around my neck?
Will you introduce me to all your friends
          and help me get settled in?
Will you rejoice with me in His presence
          and dance with glee?
Will we thrust out our hearts to be mended and whole?
What will you do when I am with you?

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  1. Yes!! Jaimee I understand what you are saying.
    Love you,