Thursday, July 14, 2011

It's a Harry Thing


Who would have thought that going to see the final installment of Harry would give me such trepidation! I am a fanatic...have been since the first book came out. I have read and re-read all seven books and been at the opening weekend of every movie (most came out on my birthdays). Yes, I am even the crazy person who tries to be at the first midnight showing sometimes. I do draw the line at dressing up like a character (except I am still waiting on SarahG to make me my Gryffindor scarf). So one guess as to why I am anxious about going to see my beloved characters battle it out for the final time on Saturday.

As discussed in "Reading Club" back in May, myGayla was not a reader but a listener with her audio books. The only ABs she wasn't interested in were the HP series. Gayla preferred to watch the movies, which to me was deplorable since so many details were left out. However she was one of the only people I know (MyChad is number two) who truly could just enjoy the movies for the wonderful, richly detailed, pieces of art that they are. She didn't look for what was missing or gritch about how something didn't fit correctly because the movie didn't explain this or that. She honestly just left the movie with a smile and wish that the next one would be out quickly.

For so many reasons, I cried when I saw the trailer for the final movie a few weeks back. One reason is that I know how many deaths are coming and one of those is similar to this horrible tragedy we are living right now. No mother/father should ever out-live her/his's the worst kind of cruelty. Another thing that keeps sticking in my craw is that Sister won't get to see how the series ends. Am I crazy for considering reading it out loud in hopes of her hearing me? My faith says she's in they have movie theaters? Does it really matter? I am just being silly. I know, but it's just one more thing that makes me mad and sad about the whole dang thing!

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