Thursday, July 7, 2011

Darling Daughter, Guest Blogger

Everyone put your hands together for the best daughter and guest blogger to hit our little blog-o-sphere, Darby!!!! Rahhhh! WooHoo!!!

O.K. As you might have read on Jaimee's previous blog entry, "Baby You're a Firework", I want to start blogging. Soooo...Jaimee asked me to be her guest blogger for today, and she told me to write about her and my dad since it's their fourth anniversary. So enough about mwah and onto Jaimee and Dad!'s been four's been a pretty good four years. I've, I guess you could say, "known" Jaimee ever since I was little but she wasn't completely ours then. And of course I love my real mom just as much as I do Jaimee. Anyway, I've known Jaimee for a while but just recently did she make her big debut in me and dad's lives.

You know how I know dad and Jaimee REALLY love each other? Because I can see it in everything they do, from one of their little tiffs to their little kisses all the time. And the fact they could put up with each other for four years. So happy fourth anniversary, you guys. Sorry if this was lame but this was my first. I LOVE Y'ALL FOREVER EVEN IF I EVER SAY I DON'T. (><)


  1. Congrats Jaimee on you forth anniversary and God Bless your family.


  2. Congrats Darby! I loved your first post and can't wait to read others!

    Happy Anniversary, Jaimee! I am sorry I didn't say it during the phone call earlier! :)

    I love you both!