Friday, July 8, 2011

I Hate a store!


We are coming up on one of my least favorite times of year...Back to School Shopping! I hate shopping in general so to make me have to go out and fight crowds and this oppressive heat is just asking too much! Throw on the pressure of this being the year we head to HIGH SCHOOL, and I am down before we even get out the gate!

Why can't life be like the Jetson's? I want to push a button and the item of my want or need appear. Wait...isn't that what Amazon is? I need not venture out, fight the traffic, feel the heat, stand in line, or any of that! If only they delivered groceries (there was a time in early 2000's that Gayla and I ordered our groceries online and had them delivered to our apartment. They did everything except put them away! ahhhh)

If you're like me and Amazon is your store of choice, keep me in mind the next time you log on. If you shop through my blog, Amazon will pay me for referring you to their site. I have a Shop With Me page that lists a few of my favorite things, but you can also search for an item from any of my pages. Don't worry, I won't get rich off of this; they pay me in Amazon credits! Ha! The only way I make "real" money is if you click on the ads on my blog, and then it's a pay-per-click thingy that pays a few cents at a time until it banks $100. I don't quite understand all that just yet.

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