Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Longer title: Rude Twits Can "SUCK IT!"

My husband told me this would happen. Ladies, don't you just hate it when they are right! Since March, one of my ways of coping with the loss of my sister has been to send her text messages every now and again. Just sending my broken heart out to the air. No harm done since her phone was shut off right after it happened.

On April 3 I sent, "I can't stop looking at your photo. How am I supposed to go on in a world without you?" I told her about a dream on April 6 (the one where Chad said I was smiling really big and saying, "All of Gayla's horses are winning, and we are bowling.") I told her about Darby's first date and her birthday. In May I talked to her about our workouts and the races.

Now, in the light of day, I vaguely remember myChad's warning, "Baby, what are you going to do when someone takes over her number and texts you back?" Enhhh! Pish...AT&T won't give her number away for years. I'll have my act together before that happens. WRONG! I still may not have remembered dreaming about myGayla yet, but she sent me a text last night at midnight and called me this morning at 7:30 a.m.

I would feel bad for the little twit that took over sister's number if she hadn't been a ... well you know the word! It's kinda funny if you take out what you know about me and sister.

Last night, in a funk, I sent her, "I love and miss you so much. I need you."

Twit's response to my text: "Leave me the f#@$ alone or I am telling your wife."

To which I responded, "Oh God! I'm so sorry. This was my sister's telephone number until last March when she was killed in a car accident. I didn't realize they would re-use her number so fast. You may get a few of these as we've all been sending her texts as a way of getting through the grieving. I'm so very sorry."

Chad held me while I cried and laughed hysterically for the next hour. I told him, "This would be funny if it weren't so frigging heart-breaking. I thought I might have a heart attack when I saw her sending me a text."

Take some anxiety medication and fast forward to 7:30 a.m. Insert needed background information: Gayla's number is associated with a picture of her and her distinct ring tone; also she used to text or call me at 7:30 a.m. almost every morning to tell me she loved me and to check on our workout plans for that afternoon. My phone starts blaring, "I LOVE MY NASCAR WEEKENDS...I LOVE MY NASCAR WEEKENDS...MY DADDY WAS A RICHARD PETTY FAN...KINDA LIKE JEFF JR MYSELF...MY GRANDPA CAME FROM MILWALKIE...WATCHED JEFF TRICKLE RUN THAT MILE..."

ME: "Hello?" (almost a whimper)
Twit: "Who is this?" (snarky, snarky tone)
ME: "Oh, this is Jaimee. Listen, I am REALLY sorry." (meek, meek, meek)
Twit: "My boyfriend saw that text and flipped the F#$% out." (SNARKY!)
ME: "I am really REALLY REALLY sorry?"
Twit: "Yeah. Sorry for your loss" CLICK

More hysterical bawling and laughing while trying to get ready for work. Chad said something that made me laugh a little before I left this morning and to which my response was, "Yeah, well, someone forgot to tell TWIT I am a famous blogger and she just made herself blog fodder." (You really have to know me to understand the self-depreciating tone with which I said that.) MyHubby said, "That's my girl! I look forward to reading it!"

Funny, that's almost exactly what SarahG said too right before she told me about her dreaming of sister as a bikini model for God (awesome!)! SarahH said, "That rude person can SUCK IT!" I agree!!!

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