Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Write On Wednesdays - Sit under a tree and write

WOW Instructions: Find yourself a quiet spot. Set a timer for 5 minutes. Take a look at a Tree Photo. Write the first words that come into your head. Keep writing whatever comes into your head. Stop when the buzzer rings. Do this exercise over and over if you wish. If you need further inspiration, go actually sit under a tree (and try not to melt in the Texas heat!). This inspiration brought to you by inkpaperpen!


MONDAY: I think that I shall never see a poem as lovely as a tree. WHOOPS! Sorry about that Joyce Kilmer...that one is already taken. I sit here pondering this tree's life span. God made it as you said, but who dropped that seed to propagate His plan? Did good old Johnny specialize in only apples? Did slow-moving Bessy drop her messy? How old are you, Mr. Tree? One would have to chop you in half to see. Well doesn't that just chap your hide! Your demise I could not abide. What stories you could tell if I decided to sit a spell. Ding!

TUESDAY: OH MY SWEET BABY JESUS' DADDY! It is too hot to be sitting under this tree! One oh nine in the shade!! I could be sitting here naked and still be miserable...probably more miserable since the ants are trying to eat me alive. The squirrel is laid out like a flat pancake on the branch above, just staring at the crazy lady sitting next to his tree trying to write. Tree hugging in Texas in July is not for me! I am out of here! Ding!

WEDNESDAY: When we first moved into the house in Texarkana, there were trees everywhere on our almost-acre lot. A little askew of the middle of the back yard, there was a cluster of trees. Our Daddy, with love in his heart and probably mama in his ear, built us a triangle-shaped tree house in this cluster. It had a tall railing to prevent falling, and he painted it brick red. Because we weren't the most coordinated of children, Daddy also made sure the ladder was easy to climb. The way it was built made us think we had a two-story tree house with the floor to the 2nd floor acting as the ceiling to the ground floor. My memories are fuzzy (getting old), but I remember playing with Gayla and James for hours without fuss in that tree house. I also remember a billion splinters! And even though we had long since out-grown playing in it, I remember being sad when a couple of the trees were killed by a lightening storm later on and our little house was taken down. These are the memories I am most frustrated to lose and wish I had to hold on to right now. DING!

Well three tries at this week's prompt. I think I like the last one best. My artwork isn't half bad either! What do you think?


  1. Haaa, you crack me up. Love the second attempt. It was the first thing I thought of.

  2. The artwork and your final writing accomplishment are great! Good job getting it done despite the awful heat.

  3. Ding!
    I agree with you, I like the last one best. Childhood memories of treehouses make for beautiful stories, and this one is no exception.

  4. I like Tuesday the best! So funny with the flat out pancake squirrel! Very entertaining - all three!

  5. Yes, I liked the last one best - "love in Dad's heart and Mum in his ear" this is gorgeous. A lovely memory. Yes, the artwork is great too! Strange to think of you having such hot weather while we are in stormy, rainy winter. Thanks for playing along with WoW. It's lovely to have you.

  6. Monday made me laugh! The last one was great, and I adore your artwork! It has a haziness to it, it really has the "look" of a distant memory!